M&M Story

Ramesh felt weak from the blackout. This wasn’t the first time, he has been constantly losing his consciousness every now and then. It was as if another person is living inside his body. He has always been hesitant to reveal his problem with his family and friends because he didn’t want to lose the eligibility[…]

M&M Story 3

“Feeling the cold breeze hitting your face feels so awesome, doesn’t it? “said Alice. Holidays were always meant for enjoying. The best part of a student’s life is without a doubt the vacations. Alice, Jade, Vinitha, Rakesh, Jeni and Priya were in the middle of their summer vacations. The six of them had decided to[…]


“I can’t take this anymore!”, he yelled at his reflection on the mirror over the bathroom sink. A pair of blood shot eyes stared back at him with the Halloween makeup dripping all over; he was a total mess. He pulled his long, curly locks back with a deadly grip as he continued staring at[…]