M&M Story

Ramesh felt weak from the blackout. This wasn’t the first time, he has been constantly losing his consciousness every now and then. It was as if another person is living inside his body. He has always been hesitant to reveal his problem with his family and friends because he didn’t want to lose the eligibility for NDA due to the history of having a stupid mental disorder. Till this day, alternate personality hurt him physically with scratches and cuts. But this time, it’s worse because he doesn’t know where he is. This constant chattering and noise in the background with a tinge of alcohol in the atmosphere is his worst nightmare. At the age of 17, he has the body and mind of late 20, with that his current task is to get the hell out of the pub without raising any suspicion. This pub seems to be very high-profile as he could see a well-decorated ceiling, a very loud sound system, colorful laser lightings and girls with a short dress. He needed a refreshing face wash so he went into the empty restroom without any attention to the surroundings.

Having entered the restroom, there awaits a shock for Ramesh. As he washes his face and lifts his head to see his face in the mirror, he was shocked to see a different face rather than his own. His heart skipped a beat…..he was restless…he shouted in vain. In the next moment, the unknown face vanished and he was able to see his face. With much difficulty, he managed to get out of that place and reached home. He was confused…he was restless. He asked himself, “Is it my illusion? Am I ruled by someone else or is it the warning sign of my worsening disorder. ”He could not figure out what is happening to him. He sat on his couch and tried to relax when some of the old memories flashed on his mind. Ramesh was not the same as he is now, a few years back. He was a passionate student determined to achieve his goals until that one day came in his life which changed everything.
It was a Friday evening. Ramesh was all alone in his home, watching his favorite Netflix series. Suddenly, he heard some weird voices coming from the lawn behind. He ignored it thinking that it was from outside.4 mins later, he heard those voices again but it was closer now. He was a little terrified. He thought it was his imagination but it was not! He heard that voices again, this time more closely and more loudly. When he went outside to check it out, he saw a white cloudy shadow coming towards him. With utter fear, Ramesh rushed back into his room and locked him from inside. When he turned around, the shadow was just in front of him, just an inch away, staring at him. The next moment, Ramesh fainted and fell on the ground. When he came to his senses the next day, he was in the hospital bed with his mom sitting next to him. He thought everything was fine at that time but he didn’t know that it was the beginning of all the problems that he was facing till today.
While Ramesh was lost in thoughts, he heard someone knocking at his door. Knock! Knock! Ramesh was puzzled, as he is the only person in the house. He took baby steps towards the door and peeped through the peep hole-there was a man in his late 20s waiting outside. He was shivering from the cold as it was raining cats and dogs. Ramesh fueled up his courage and opened the door. The young man looked at him with pleading eyes, ”Sir, can I please stay over for the night and leave tomorrow? It is raining heavily and there is no one nearby.”Ramesh reluctantly agreed and welcomed the young man into his house. They had a good chat over random stuff and were on the same wavelength. At last, the young man went to sleep in the room allotted to him. Ramesh sat on the couch and drifted back into his thoughts.
His heart was hammering, fear choked him, the voices started whispering. He rocked his head back and forth between his hands trying to get rid of those voices. He remembered the young man. Bolting up the stairs, he kicked off the door and switched on the lights shouting out the young man’s name all along. The lights flickered on to reveal the young man sitting on the bed with a wicked smile and gleaming eyes. Panic rose and the voices were louder, ”Kill him!”, the chants were resonating throughout his ears. Without a second thought, Ramesh took the hammer beside him and flung at the young man.
The voices were now gone.
Silence engulfed the room.
Pained cries echoed across the room as Ramesh stared at the pool of blood before him. What had he done?
Consumed by guilt because of the havoc he had wrecked, Ramesh vented out. He wept for a long while and then reality struck him. He had to clean up the mess he had created. He had a strong urge to hide all the mistakes he had done. Every single mistake he had done flashed before his eyes. He blamed the world. He blamed himself. He took an old tent that belonged to his dad and wrapped the body with it. He tied the ends of the tent to a huge rock and dumped it in the sewage canal nearby. Guilt consumed him. Day by day he felt it grow on him, influencing his every action. He knew that nothing would ever be the same.
Almost a month after the incident, which seemed like just yesterday to Ramesh who was dealing with anxiety and depression, the same voices returned. This time they were more intense, as though they craved more violence. He was walking all alone on the road until a young girl of about 13 years of age showed up. She seemed sweet. There was a skip in her step, a gleam in her eyes, an air of innocent confidence around her. All of this would have charmed any normal person. But, the voices in his head thought that she deserved to die. The voices grew louder and louder, almost unbearable to a point that Ramesh blacked out on the street. An hour later, he woke up with blood on his hands. He had murdered the sweet girl. Ramesh couldn’t digest the fact that he had become a murderer and killed for the second time. He didn’t want to live anymore. He decided to kill himself. But the voices in his head would not let him. They kept telling him that this was the purpose of his life and somehow Ramesh wanted to believe every single word uttered by the voices.
All this flashed in his mind when he laid at the hospital be, every single kill. His guilt was so intense that he couldn’t remember how wonderful life used to be for him before all of this. At that instant, the voices reached out to him again. This time they wanted him to kill someone who meant the world to him. The one person who was the only ray of sunshine in his dark life, his Ray of hope. He started to blackout. His hands started to reach out for the syringe. His hands were trembling terribly. His body wouldn’t cooperate with him. He slowly moved towards his mother who was sleeping peacefully on the guest bed beside him, not knowing what her dear son had become.
He almost reached his mother with the syringe, but his mother was saved by the sudden entry of the nurse into the room. He screamed like a vampire in that room. Later he was diagnosed with mental disorder and was under medication and counseling sessions for three months. His heart ached after knowing his attempt to kill his beloved mother. So, to save his mother he tried to commit suicide with that syringe but all his attempts ended fruitlessly….
After getting back home one day he visited his favorite hill. All his childhood memories rounded him like angels. But…..that inner voice shattered this happiness and this time he can’t bear this and so he jumped from the hill to commit suicide. But he was in doubt whether this attempt would be fruitful. His head dashed against huge rock and bled heavily. He could feel the pain and he was suffocating. He was happy that he had succeeded. But……when he opened his eyes he was on the couch watching Netflix series saying …




Written by:

Faarah – I year ECE Department

Krishnan – I Year IT Department

Amrin – I Year ECE Department

Thanuja – I Year IT Department

Barghavi – I Year CT Department


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