M&M Story 3

“Feeling the cold breeze hitting your face feels so awesome, doesn’t it? “said Alice. Holidays were always meant for enjoying. The best part of a student’s life is without a doubt the vacations. Alice, Jade, Vinitha, Rakesh, Jeni and Priya were in the middle of their summer vacations. The six of them had decided to take a trip to a remote island to enjoy their vacations. Rakesh’s feet couldn’t touch the ground as he was so excited to see the beautiful island. But Priya found it very weird as the island was deserted and lonely. Upon arriving at the island, they all went into the Hotel Moonshine where their tour guide was waiting for them. He gave a warm welcome to all and gave each of them their respective room keys. Everybody was discussing among themselves about their plans except Jade and Jeni. Things weren’t smooth between them as they always use to fight with each other.

It was afternoon when Alice called everybody to the main hall and said,” Let’s have lunch and go to the beach”. After lunch, everyone was ready to go to the beach, except Priya. She was not interested to come to the beach but after some persuasion from Vinith and Jade, Priya finally gave in. After having a fun time at the beach, they all started walking back towards the hotel as the sun started to set. Alice wished they didn’t have to return to the hotel so soon, so she asked the rest of the group to proceed while she took a small stroll towards the forest next to the beach. Priya asked her not to go alone but Alice assured her that she would return safely. While Alice was walking through the forest she found a small note near a tree in which said’ GO BACK TO YOUR HOME IT ISN’T SAFE HERE’.

While she was reading this, Alice could feel that there was something fishy in the island.

But she ignored that ‘note’ and ventured further into the forest. Being a lover of greenery, the dense forest naturally attracted her. She decided to go further in despite the creepiness only to regret her decision after a few minutes. The forest was too dense and completely desolated. She started panicking. She couldn’t seem to find a way out. All the trees surrounding her looked similar, almost like a maze. Suddenly, there was a low-pitched sound, a spine chilling one. Alice was too afraid to cry for help. She had no idea of what to do or where to go next and wandered, terrified and hoping for a miracle.

That low-pitched sound echoed again, this time a bit more loudly. Alice heard footsteps behind her, that’s the last thing she expected and jolted in fear. She turned around only to see no one behind her. She started palpitating. That was it, Alice couldn’t withstand it anymore and started crying. She started running in a direction which she assumed is the right one. Her adrenaline rush made her run faster. “HELP”, a girl’s voice screamed. Alice stopped at once, the voice seemed to come from behind her. She walked towards that voice. Silence pressed hard, she could even hear her heartbeat. And then she saw that dreadful sight. Her heart skipped a beat! She couldn’t believe her eyes. Alice saw herself lying unconscious on the floor, wearing the same dress. Alice screamed to her full potential.

As her own shrieking crying pain was deafening her, she felt lighter as if being lifted off the ground. The sound eased off into silence. The eerie, dark scene seemed like a hallucination. Alice woke up to pain as if her head was about to be split into halves. She opened her eyes to pure white oblivion. She tried to stand up, in vain. Her legs felt as if it were made of lead. Calling desperately for help she wondered what had happened to her legs and more importantly how she ended up here in this white world.

”Vinith…Rakesh… Jeni… ”, she shouted.

Alice opened her eyes, her face bleached with pure white light out of nowhere. An electrical humming of some motors and zapping noises were heard. She could see some doctors in white robes and some military officers walking towards her. They kept their hands against a glass wall and murmured to themselves while looking at her. One thing she realised that she was in a glass cylinder, with her head rigged to a set of wires, and herself sitting in a lone chair with her arms and legs harnessed.

By this time she realised that she was being used as a lab rat for some research. A woman in lab attire came towards a scientist and said “Subject-M1K2 Alice is now in Stable condition. The research went on to full completion without any hiccups. Her memories are now being live-tapped onto our VORTEX Monitor, Boss has seen our subject’s memories in that monitor. Shall we proceed to erase her memories?”

Scientist replies saying “Yes, you may proceed, she is the only human who has peeped into our Deep-space research area. I can assure you no one felt anything suspicious about the island—“

*a gun goes off in the distance*

The scientist was shot by a mysterious form, THE BOSS. “Scroll up towards that first paragraph of her memory. Watch it again…” he said in a husky voice.

The other scientists reversed her memory video to the first scene were she and her friends stepped into that island. “Alice could sense some discomfort in Priya’s mind. Which means Priya is now our next subject. Get her at any cost”. The boss walked away, with each step of his resonating against the walls of the facility.

The scientist now giving heed to his boss’s command, reached out towards the flash erase lever, which could erase off Alice’s memories completely. Suddenly, a siren went off in the distance. It was break time.

The scientist walked up to the glass wall and whispered to Alice “Take some time to remember your best moments, you won’t hold onto them for long.”

Terror sucked the very breath from her mouth. She steadied her breath and tried to calm her panic. Captive and alone with no saviour, no faith, no future, Alice evolved from a terrified girl to a fierce fighter. She pushed herself down along with the glass cylinder, shattering it into pieces and piercing through the flesh. The mud and grit had become enmeshed with raw pink flesh and was spotted with blood. Two security guards rushed into the room on hearing the noise. Alice stood shell shocked on seeing them. Their eyes were staring at each other and then a sudden “BOOM!!” It was a blackout!

Silence hung in the air like the suspended moment before a piece of glass shatters on the ground. The alarms blaring behind them, Alice realised that now was her time to escape. Using the darkness and bizarre sound she made her way out of the room. The main hallway branched off into several rooms. Breathing heavily and limping throughout the way she entered into a room. Beneath her crimson feet, the wooden floor felt soft, not as much as even a firm carpet, but not right for oak planks. Alice moved to the edge of the room, her jeans brushing against the mildewed wall. It was hard to make out the details of the room as it was dark. She realized that she was in the middle of nowhere! The alarms stopped and the lights were back.

“Hello? Is anyone there? Can you hear me?” a faint-hearted voice called out to Alice. She found a hand waving at her through a ventilation duct and it was Priya, she had made her way inside the laboratory all by herself to find her missing friend. It was painful for Priya to see her like that. All she could do was to embrace her and let the torrent of her tears to soak through her shirt. She could feel her clenching her fists, not knowing whether to be mad or to give up hope altogether. She could hear her silently screaming, suffocating with each breath she took holding onto her pride. She ran her fingers through Alice’s hair, time and time again, in an attempt to calm the silent war within her mind.

They suddenly heard some footsteps approaching. Priya helped Alice to crawl into the vent before she followed her. The guards traced back their way using her blood-stained footsteps. The two girls crawled through the vent. The waves of heat rose off the vent like flames above the roof, but it was their only way out. On making their way out, they heard a familiar voice. They looked through the vent hole to find a face. All they could see was a man wearing a white coat and muddy shoes, walking across the room. As he stood in front of a mirror, they felt like their brains exploded for a moment and every part of their body goes on pause until their thoughts catch up. They made a dreadful glance at each other. It was none other than RAKESH!


Article written by:Grace Paul,Sreehari,Dhananjeyan,Nandha Balamurugan and Duke Daffin.



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