Spread Joy This Pongal


To all the tightly scheduled, 24×7 ‘mentally’ occupied folks of the digital era! Grab a snack, take a break for what has arrived is the festive season of the Tamil, which celebrates the tradition and the glory of farmers. This occasion floods me with the nostalgia of school, where we used to be asked to write notes on the Tamil festival “Pongal”. Almost all of us would have answered that question during our middle school. Apart from the cliched explanations of this festival, let’s take a look at what really awaits us on this day. It’s a holiday that brings smiles on the faces of hostelers who miss their homes terribly, an opportunity for the employees of the consumer driven ‘high-minded’ society to rest and, an escape plan for anyone who longs for some quality time with their families and themselves. Set mundane media shows aside these holidays and let yourself get distracted by the real fun of family time, exploring the magic of happiness. Also, we shall recognise the persistent effort of the producers of the vital need of our life line on this auspicious day. May this ecstatic day bring us immense joy so that we shall spread it around us like an aura!


The article was written by Diviya N.

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