Our story

The MIT Quill is the official news and literature organization of the Madras Institute of Technology.


We are a group of passionate people who strive to bringing everyone information and provide a platform for others to express their creativity.

 First, a little bit of our history

The MIT Quill was founded in early 2012 by Mr. Srinivasan Sivaramachandran of the 2013 batch. It is his passion for writing that instigated the Writers’ club of MIT – The MIT Quill which was also the name of the campus newsletter.  Under the patronage of the then Vice Chancellor, Dr. P. Mannar Jawahar ; Dean of MIT, Dr. S. Thamarai Selvi and Dr. K. Elango, Professor of English, Quill kick started. The first Rebels’ edition was a success right away. The newsletter was widely talked about and soon we were ready with the next edition. The founder’s objective was clear. He wanted Quill to be the Voice of MIT.

What we actually do in Quill

We report on the major events and happenings, mostly limited to our campus. As a news body, we take the responsibility of generating awareness among our students. We promote the arts and organize contests which help budding talents. We publish creative works including poems, short stories, cartoons, photographs, etc. We provide a voice to those who need them. We strive to make our readers’ day.

Towards the future
The MIT Quill has seen many struggles and has toiled under the sun enough for a lifetime. And yet we live on, with love and passion in our hearts. Now, we are entering a new year and it’s a brand new age for Quill. We plan to take this association to the next level and revolutionize creativity in our campus. We hope you join us during this transition and enjoy the ride.

Thank you for visiting our site. We hope you have a great time!

-The editor-in Chief

6th of February 2016

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