To me, Food is a feeling…

What do you think is the most lovely feeling that a man could get? Is it love? Is it happiness? May be you will have different opinions. But have you ever thought of hunger? It’s the lovely thing that could happen to any biotic component. You will find my description weird and you should. Let us say you are happy. Your adrenaline is just flowing through the veins. You could feel the immeasurable happiness. But what after the suppression of adrenaline? Your feel is dead and you need another similar incident to get back the feel. It gives you pleasure until it prevails.You cannot be sure that you will undergo an event that gives you the same feel again.


Hunger on the other hand is not the same. It does not look upon your situation for its invasion. Unmindful of socio-economic status, it happens to everyone. See how generous it is. The other dimension is that it is the only feel that makes you comfortable after it is quenched.


And in fact the most easiest way of sharing love is sharing food. Not convinced? Just get back to those school days. The most awaited thing was the lunch bell. And I’m sorry if you were a typical first bencher or a girl who keeps fasting and names it ‘dieting’. When it’s only a hour or less for the lunch bell to go, our total focus would be “What is being packed in my hotpack?”. I always knew that my mother would not have packed anything special. So which made me think of my friend’s lunch box. And there are even worst cases of the lunch boxes being exchanged. Lucky are those who had North Indians in their classes. I could possibly do anything to conquer his soft and fluffy chappatis with sabji of-course. Not just the food that was shared, they were the plates of love.


No matter how you feel, just have something to eat and it will make you fine. The worst feel is when there’s nothing to quench it.


Written by:

Annamalai, Third year, ECE

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