M&M Story


Blood trickled down his switchblade knife as he ran through the darkly lit, crooked, narrow streets in a suburb. The narrow path, disarranged low height roofs of houses, glass bottles, tubs and metal parts lying over his path made him to duck down and hop abruptly making him slow and weary. He was out of breath and checked for a place to sit. He was sure that he had to get out of the hideous narrow path. He found an intersecting road and took a left, which led him to a roundabout with a yellow street lamp housed in the middle of it. He ran towards it, crouched near it and breathed heavily. He got relieved from the claustrophobic narrow pathways and sighed. He glanced at his knife, it still had blood stains over the sharp edges and it’s handle. As he stared at it, he had flashes of memory about what happened to him a few moments back. He saw commotion, screams, clanking sounds of knives and blood squirting all over him. He quaked a second as he heard a siren and some distant noise. He rose up, ran fast and saw lights lighting up in the houses due to multiple siren sounds around the area. He zipped his pocket with his knife and took a cycle lying there and rode the way home. People around the neighborhood wondered about the multiple ambulance sirens and rushed out of their houses. 

He reached his home and his sister opened the door and was just struck after seeing his brother with blood stains all over him. His sister made him sit and handed over a towel and asked “What the hell happened to you?”. 


He started to stare at the red towel she gave and had flashes of what happened there. He saw blood splashing, people stabbing each other. He heard voices of men shouting “money”, “mercy”, “help”, “please”. 


His sister shouted again “What the hell happened to you?”, he replied “Running on the narrow path isn’t the easiest path, that’s for sure! “. 

His sister shouted, “Whaaat??” …

Ren said,”there is no time for speaking, just come with me ”.Ren tried to get into a safe place with his sister.He saw many ambulances passed by with siren sound.Ren was very well trained in Wielding swords. He took a sword in one hand and his sis in other. They both got into an abandoned drainage near their home.The drainage is filled with the worst stench, rats and bats occupied the place. He rushed his sister to move on.This made her realise that he was afraid of something. His sister shockingly looked at him and asked “Why are you so afraid? Where we are going?”. But he didn’t say anything and continued to move on. His sister stopped and shouted, “I can’t move till you explain all my questions”. He said to his sister “The city is unsuitable for us to live in. You are my one and only relation. I don’t want you to suffer here”. His sister asked him “Are you afraid? Afraid of what? You are trained very well in Wielding swords. You can defeat 10 men on your own”.He replied “I tried, but they are more than that”. She asked ”Who are they?”.  “I don’t know who they are, but they will kill everyone in the city. They even tried to kill me but I escaped by killing two of them”. He forced his sister to move forward.


While they were moving, a group of guys with Dark blue suits and faces covered with masks surrounded them. At that instant,  he realised that the entire city is under someone’s control.He tried to save his sister by fighting with them. The suited men nearly defeated Ren.


Suddenly a woman appeared out of nowhere and saved him.She was very powerful and hence defeated all of them with her mighty sword. She fought like a Metahuman. Ren and his sister escaped with her into a forest. Ren didn’t know who she was. He was alive, Because of her help.Ren asked her “Who are you?” She replied “This is not the apt time to explain to you about that just follow me”.


On hearing this, they followed her  to a seemingly scary house where not a foot step was heard. It was full of antiques. That mystery lady suddenly pushed a button. The place turned into something strange.


To describe the place: It was full of maps,rifles, bullets, strange tickets,eatables, pharmaceuticals and so on


On seeing the bloody scar she laid him down and  started her treatment. She questioned him if he knew who she was. After a momentary pause she started… 


“Our fathers are best friends.

As there is no one in this material world thinking of money, a rich person has been behind this. He had set a plan to kill our fathers and achieved it. He has confiscated my property and is planning to get yours from you.”


On hearing this many thoughts ran through Ren’s mind,  with great fear. He was stunned and became silent for a moment.


After some time, he had a clear vision about what was happening in the city. Ren replied to Pinky; the lady who saved him  and his sister, Lily that we should not be afraid of the thieves who robbed your property and planned to take mine. 


We should first think that we are strong enough to defeat them. We have justice on our side. Our fathers exhibited integrity in their work. First let’s gather information about that cruel man . 


 Pinky pressed another button in her hand.Google’s search engine came.They told ‘Jacob’ the defeater’s name.Full history of the man came. He was a powerful man with a lot of goondas. He was like an army chief.He had a lot of opulence. He owned them by robbing. If the person whom he met didn’t accept the deal, he will kill them in a brutal manner.


He was imprisoned for 7 years for his murders and monstrous behaviour. After his release, he became more vicious than ever.


Ren said ,”Now he is planning to defeat us.I should save my property .My father owned it by his tedious work and probity. On the other hand I want to rescue my sister from the murderer. I am going to face it.


Pinky told him that she would succeed him.They both entered the slender street and reached the center of Luxre, the city where brawls occured. Jacob and his thugs saw Ren and they rushed towards him.


Pinky and Ren started stabbing them with a knife they had.(the fight was like a bahubali fight) They slashed the goondas. Jacob hastened towards Ren with a giant gouge. Pinky’s hand was bleeding. She was unable to succor Ren.


Jacob hastened towards Ren with a blade. 


“We’ll see about that,” They ran towards each other,  like lovers reuniting after years of being in exile. 


Their blades met in heated passion accompanied by the sounds of clanking. Ren has never lost a fight and Jacob never met someone who was up to par with him. 


An immovable object is met with an unmeasurable force would be the perfect description for their relationship. 


In the eyes of Pinky and Lily, Jacob and Ren almost seemed like they were dancing. Lightly stepping on their toes while the other worked quick and tried to stab the other. 


This went on for almost an hour. Almost everyone around who was alive stopped and watched the battle unravel. Like watching their favourite sport , everyone was mesmerized with the fight.  


They were human, meaning they were bound to get tired. It was obvious Jacob was tired but so was Ren. Almost ‘missing death’ for a whole hour takes a lot of energy but it took more from Ren than Jacob. 


Jacob pulled a fast one and managed to stab ren. 


Ren fell to the ground with the knife still in him. He gasped in pain and silently accepted his loss. 


Ren glared at Jacob and screamed 


“You cannot Rob even a single paise from my resource.”


Jacob paused his assault as he stared at the injured ‘hero’. His stoic face broke out into a smile as he bellowed out a laugh. 


“Rob you? You think I want to rob you?” He giggled out sickeningly almost like a school girl. It was very understood that Ren’s pain made this man laugh. 


“I-if not rob then what do you want? Why do you and your men hound me out like dogs. Why do you follow me wherever I go? What is it that you want?” Ren struggles out before coughing.


“What I want is you dead! But rob you? That’s the last thing I want. I need you dead Ren. With you dead everything will fall into place.” 


Ren could now really feel the presence of the knife, the adrenaline was wearing off. 


He tried to get up but was pushed down with Jacob stepping on his shoulder pinning him in place. 


“Well I suppose it would be kind to end your struggling. You could almost feel grateful that I’m doing this” 


Jacob chortled before raising his gun. 


Ren closed his eyes. He knew this would be the last time he would fight. He waited for it to end. But nothing came. He waited for a second now before opening his eyes. 


Jacob stood there with his gun extended but his eyes bulged. Blood pooled at his mouth before he fell to the ground. 


“Grace?” Ren choked out as he saw his girlfriend standing there holding a bloody knife. 


“How did you?” 


“Looks like I was a little late..as usual” Grace smiled out before stepping over Jacobs’ now bloody body. 


She bent down and touched her lovers face. He lent to her touch and instantly relaxed. 


“How did you know?” 


“Ren,  I’m your girlfriend! I just know where you are also , I just used ‘find my location’ on my phone” she giggled . 


He missed her. It had been too long. She was gone for 3 years and now like a ghost she returned with a grand entry.  


“We need to get you out of here and treated” she whispered after  assessing the wound on his stomach. 


“I wouldn’t want anything more”  he sighed out before falling into her arms and shutting his eyes. He felt weak but he knew he would pull through. 


It’s been two weeks since the injury and Ren has been recovering well. Life for once felt safe and calm. He no longer was on the run and his love was back to him. 


He finally,  for the first time , was at peace.




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