“It’s too early for me to get married!”, yelled Sheela on the top of her voice at her mother. Sheela, an engineering student who was in her final year, was in a huge commotion with her mom. Sheela’s mom had been showing Sheela some profiles and pictures of bride-grooms. “Look at him, He is so handsome and he is working in The States”, said her mother admiring a guy called Raghav. With smoke bellowing out from her ears, Sheela went into her room, banging the door with a loud thud.

With her semester examinations going on, Sheela wasn’t able to concentrate on her studies. She called her boyfriend, Arjun. Sheela was madly in love with Arjun. Sheela’s parents were unaware of her relationship with Arjun. Arjun was a childhood friend of Sheela. He was good-looking, with a muscular physique and was a heart-throb of many girls in MIT. He was just the dream guy of every girl. Right now, Sheela was weeping on the phone recounting the atrocities of her mother. Arjun tried his very best to calm Sheela down. Lifting her spirits up, Sheela brought in the will to study for her exams.

The bell rang, the students submitted the answer sheets and left the exam hall with great excitement. Sheela was talking with Sonali and Rithika, who were Sheela’s best friends in college. The last exam was pretty much a piece of cake and the faces of the girls glistened with happiness. Out of the blue, Sheela swayed like a feather and fainted.

Gaining her conscious, Sheela found herself on a hospital bed. Sheela’s mother was weeping continuously. She still couldn’t figure out why she was in the hospital. “You are a disgrace to our family”, raged Sheela’s mom looking at her. Despite her mom’s fury, Sheela still looked on with great confusion. Just then the bombshell was dropped, “SHEELA! YOU ARE PREGNANT!”.

Trrrrrrrrrrrrnnnnnnnngggggg. The alarm went off and it was not really the alarm that woke her up from the slumber but it was her mom, going on and on about how Sheela had managed almost half her life trying to win her battle getting up from her bed every morning. Hope I managed to paint a rosy picture about her scolding even when she was barely awake. If you are paying attention to this story you might have noticed the fact that her mom’s voice overpowered the alarm sound. Well just so you know, her mom was no Hamam Soap mom and it took quite some time for Sheela that the whole Arjun story was just a dream. Sheela owned a youtube channel and did movie reviews. Not because she wanted to, just because she didn’t have enough content to engage the audience. But movies? There is one movie every week and there is torrent. So, with enough followers she could make enough money she thought. This week’s review was supposed to be on Aditya Varma so just to offer insight to the audience on the key differences from its telugu counterpart, she watched Arjun Reddy. Considering the brain damage that she could have encountered during this audacious pursuit of hers, the dream that she had, I should say, was quite minimal.

Being a secluded person in real life and opening up with great enthusiasm in front of a camera was not easy. Why was she this way? Well, let me let you in on a psychological fact, that you already might be knowing, இருந்தாலும் ஒரு நல்ல timing oda ஒரு rhyming oda மறுபடியும் சொல்றேன். Some of the things you see in dream are just extensions of your real life. That’s what makes it seem real when you are in it. So, college part was real and in response to the question that was raised earlier… need I say more?

The stress of studying in MIT had finally got to Sheela. She had finally become the person who she dreaded. Arjun Reddy. The delusions and dreams came easy to Arjun Reddy since most of the time he was either wasted or performing surgeries (while being wasted.)

But Sheela being a traditional Indian daughter, didn’t have the option to resort to recreational drugs to be delusional.

But that’s what her final year in MIT was doing to her. The profs, the assignments, the projects and occasionally the campus itself drove her nuts. It’s not that MIT isn’t a great place to study, it’s just that 4 years of learning didn’t land her a job yet. Not getting placed is one thing. But dealing with your hysterical mother after not getting placed is an Herculean task. Ask any of you passed out seniors.

Sheela was also upset because Arjun (not Reddy) had gotten a job at Zoho despite having less attendance and gpa than her.Yet Sheela had one shot, one opportunity to seize everything she wanted. One moment. Would she capture it or let it slip? This one shot at placement was Amazon. The epitome of bulk placements. Her palms were sweaty, knees weak and arms were heavy.

Then the dreaded day came. The final placement day. Sheela was seated right outside the room where the interview was going on.  She was nervous but on the surface looked calm and ready as if to drop bombs. She was sure that she would not Lose Herself in the moment and ace the interview. Her whole life came down to this one hour…

When she entered the room, to her greatest surprise, she was met with a familiar face. “Senior! ” she gasped at one of the crisp and professional men sitting in the interview panel. He shushed her discreetly and signalled her to sit. Though Sheela is an introvert, when it comes to learning, her enthusiasm gets the best of her. She had met Hari senior in Merge’17, a passed out senior, and interacted well with him. He had even secured her an internship in a good company while she was in her third year. But it had been a good while she last saw him. So naturally, this came as a big surprise.

“Take a seat please” one of the interviewers said. She took a seat,  meeting Hari senior’s gaze. He gave her a reassuring smile and that was all. All of her nervousness flew out of the window. She showed the necessary documents and answered their questions with  full confidence. After all, this was what she had been preparing for so long. She had got some training in the Personality Development Club of the college. They were quite impressed with her GPA and her attitude. But there was this last question “Why haven’t you been placed earlier?! ” for which she had no answer. “Maybe she was waiting for the right company ” Hari senior suggested. “Then here is your right choice! ” the other interviewer said with a joyful tone!  Sheela’s happiness knew no bounds! Her hopes haven’t failed her!  “Thank you sir, thank you!” she told them with sincerity. She was very eager to call her mother and inform. As soon as she left, she called her mother, “Mom, I have an important news to tell you! “.

Her mom enabled the speaker and wanted Sheela’s dad to listen over the conversation too. Sheela sniffled and informed that she got the job in a broken voice. Her dad affectionately asked her not to shed tears and congratulated her for getting the job. Sheela’s mom was still awe-struck after hearing that and urged Sheela to come home for a special lunch and hung up the call while Sheela was trying to say something else to her.

It may sound dramatic, but it is true that, Sheela’s mom had two mobile phones simultaneously over her ears and she had to open the door with a stick when Sheela rang the bell. Sheela was a bit surprised and also a bit nervous when she saw her mother talking to all her friends and relatives about the job she just got. Meanwhile her father warmly welcomed his daughter and started to enquire about the job details and he got to know that the firm will be sending her the call letter with specifics soon. But what Sheela failed to mention was that she already got the call letter on-spot which mentioned a night shift job at a branch in the outskirts of Chennai. She justified herself that, she shouldn’t scare her mother and spoil her happiness with this news and she couldn’t imagine taking away her father’s happy face who just got a VRS (Voluntary retirement scheme) due to his health issues.

After a day of celebration, Sheela’s mom started to enquire about the nature, timings and venue of the job. Sheela had no other way but tell everything about it. It was a shocking for both of her parents but her father did try to understand the situation and tried to support her unlike her mother. She had so many thoughts running over her mind concerning her safety and did not reply anything to her until next morning. She gave an ultimatum to her own daughter, that either she should to take the teaching job available in a school nearby or to get married to Raghav.

Will her dream come true?

Written By: Abdur Rahman,Second Year, ECE Department, Sai Sudharshan, Third Year, Automobile Department, Shreayaas Iyer, Second Year, IT Department, Sakthi Akshaya, Second Year, RPT Department and Vishwa, Third Year, RPT Department.

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