M&M Story

On a beautiful early spring, the weather gets warmer, sunnier. Trees and plants start to grow. After dropping out of University, twenty-three-year-old, Dekera lived in a village, she is one of the most unfortunate people in the world. She was always gloomy, she always complained and was always in a bad mood, she was tired[…]

In Conversation – the Michigan MITian

We, The MIT Quill are happy to present our  column – “In Conversation” , where we interview people within the college who we believe posses experiences and thoughts to be shared, right from the security guards to our seniors so as to create an healthy bonding in the campus which would be of interests to[…]

Climate Change and Carbon Taxation

This year, the Nobel prize was awarded to William Nordhaus and Paul Romer for earlier warning of climate change. Nordhaus has warned about global warming and Romer developed more economic models to predict the economical consequences of climate change and carbon emission.     Carbon taxation are practically difficult to follow and adopt in even[…]

Review of the “Wet & Wild” : Aquaman

  Aquaman can be boldly declared as one of the best saves of this century. Next to Christopher Nolan who saved Batman for us, James Wan being an Aquaman fan himself has not only saved Aquaman but also the whole DC Extended Universe (DCEU) after the Justice League fiasco.   ‎ The film while being[…]

Chill With Quill – In Conversation With Black Crew

An interview with Sabari Girisan, member of the MYT Black crew, by Asmath and Subhadra.   Let’s start with some basic information. Tell us something about yourself. Hello. I am Sabari, final year student of Electronics and Instrumentation. I am a part of the college dance team ‘The MYT Black crew’ which I joined in[…]

Chill With Quill – In Conversation With TBO

An Interview with PVN Karthikeya, the President of The Box Office, the Dramatics and Literature Club of MIT, by Soundar Rajan   Could you introduce yourself? I’m PVN Karthikeya. I’m from the department of Electronics and Instrumentation, doing my final year and I’m the president of The Box Office. I write scripts and I am[…]