Hero – A Bilateral Review

Sailaja’s take: A good-willed hero. A kind-hearted heroine. A fireproof “master”. A villain who performs lobotomy like a mani-pedi. Hero is the ultimate commercial package that one could enjoy, taking into mind that it’s a fantasy themed movie, where one does not always question logic. Sivakarthikeyan (Shakthi) did a great job in portraying a boy[…]

Bigil – Review

     To begin with, Bigil, for the most part, worked for me. It has like everything you ask in a commercial movie -action, romance, some terrific numbers and comedy etc. And as every Atlee movie goes, this movie too has emotional beats, character deaths and close-up reaction shots. You can even predict the screenplay but[…]

Movie review-Kaappan.

  To start, my expectations for Kaapaan weren’t high after the much-hyped NGK performed poorly at the box office.  I stepped into the theatre with a clear mind and surprisingly found the movie to be a fast-paced thriller. The story is about how the selfless, good-intentioned Prime Minister of India (played by Mohanlal), is protected[…]


Movie: Thanneer Mathan Dinangal Cast: Matthew Thomas, Anaswara Rajan, Vineeth Srinivasan. Language: Malayalam   A nostalgic school age drama that tells about Jaison and the three things which trouble his mind. A school story which actually shows what kids do at school and not something which is portrayed in other school films. The humour flows all[…]


The Film Concluded Credits read— “A SELVARAGAVAN Film” in white which suddenly turned Red. People chanted ,” This is a Selva Film”. Nanda Gopala Kumaran is an M.Tech Graduate turned organic farmer raising his own crops in Sriviliputhur ( for namesake ,as the area is neither exploited nor shown in any other scene). This person, a[…]