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Beep beep beep!!! Stumbled by the fact that he can’t find the number of common factors between the 54th number in Fibonacci series and the 7th prime number, Dr.Arkcum, an eccentric nuclear physicist, wakes up from meditation, to the irritating alarm of the oven with a fist full of fluoxetine. He grabbed his toast on one hand and his Id on the other, and rushed to catch the last tram to the ‘CERN super large hadron collider’ stop. He doesn’t know that if he reaches in time, he is going to be one of the co-discoverers of the largest temperature noted in history, but fate plays its part. He is greeted by a young charming assistant who was assigned to help him with the clearance to get into the secured facility of CERN. Tick tock!  tick tock! plays the destiny clock as he has only 40 seconds to step on to the elevator. As he gets to ground -13th floor, he feels a hard thug on his left temple as he turns back to respond to the sweet voice of his assistant. Kaboom!! We all know that fate has destined Arkcum to be a part of something more valuable than CERN’s project. The eccentric gains conscious as he shoves one of his fluoxetine tablets in his mouth. All he heard was deep distinct chatter and was in a super anxious state until he saw Mr. Elon musk and Dr.Neil deGrasse Tyson in the same super anxious state. What’s this? A hostage situation, threatening the greatest minds of modern time, by some terrorist group? Or a secret illuminati recruitment day for Arkcum? Before he could find out, he realizes that his supplies of those antidepressants are over and thuddd!!, falls the doctor on ground.


Dr.Arkum regained his consciousness and found himself alone in a room. His head felt a lot better. He gave a quick glance across the room and gathered nothing new out of it except for the fact that he was still in Switzerland,  judging by the pristine alpine scenery which decorated the window. What the hell do these people want from a nuclear physicist, a strategic businessman and an astrophysicist? Just then, the door suddenly opened by a couple of armed guards and two people entered, one of them with a file in his hand and the other one was the “assistant” who was supposed to help Dr.Arknum earlier. What followed next was visually similar to Nick Fury recruiting Tony Stark for the Avengers initiative except Dr.Arknum wasn’t as savage and sassy as Tony and the recruiter was more like a combination of Dr. Doofenshmirtz and Dr. Nefario rather than a Nick Fury. The recruiter introduced himself as Professor Carnelutti as he sat and slid the file he was carrying dramatically across the table. Dr. Arknum looked down at the file. Project Black Rose. Dr. Arknum broke out in a cold sweat. It wasn’t possible. He wished it was the Illuminati instead. Involvment in Project Black Rose guaranteed death. Moreover, it was just a theoretical idea, which was proved to be impractical by many physicists including Einstein. He thought of his normal life and how he would’ve gone down in history if he had gone to CERN as usual that day. But there’s no escaping now. “I believe you are already aware of Project Black Rose seeing by your expression. You know what to do then.” said Carnelutti. Dr. Arknum nodded. He opened the file and signed the bottom of the page with shaking hands. He was then led outside to a long corridor by the assistant and the two guards into a room or to be more precise, a giant vault filled with all sorts of state of the art instruments, devices, chemicals and white boards which he would have been totally excited to work with in some other circumstance. There he found the room already occupied by Mr. Musk and Dr. Tyson just as shook as he was. He heard the vault door close. As soon as he heard the lock click, a robotic voice said ’12 hours’ and the giant digital clock started counting down from 12:00:00.


Dr.Arckum has never been this clueless and terrified. “Mission Black Rose. How did I even get into this?”, he whispered to himself. The three intellectuals gathered around the huge monitor. At this point, it was just a life or death situation for the most intelligent beings in the known universe, but more towards the “death” side in this case. An hour passed by and Dr.Arkcum is still in horror. With no work done towards solving Project Black Rose. He decides to give up on the project. He has one shot, to take down the guards and kill the main guy who assigned him, escape using the facility’s war chopper and make way to his secret facility, where no one can track him down or assign him to newer life risking projects,  but he’s got one question repeating in his mind, the guarantee for his life. As a selfish, self- centered man, he decides to leave the other two assigned intelligent men behind. But how? With a good amount of surveillance cameras and mics around, the mission in his mind seemed to be impossible. He makes his first move by slowly jamming the fire alarm to cause a small distraction and gets his way out pretty soon, cracks the code to the main vault and gets his way to the runway. Dr.Arckum had no idea how he got away that easily from a highly secured war base. By the time they see a missile appearing 20 meters away, he understands the depth of what he has got himself to. Everything goes blank for a second. A strong ray of light hits Dr.Arckum’s eyes,he wakes up to see himself in a surgery room, the professor Carnelutti and many doctors around. Professor Carnelutti dramatically whispers in Dr. Arckum’s ear, “8 more hours”.


Dr. Arcknum is then escorted to the vault room by a few guards, only to find Mr. Musk and Dr. Tyson in a semi-angry, semi-terrified condition.  Anxiety and fear of the unknown was clearly visible in all the three men’s faces. 

The futile escape attempt by Dr. Arckum had proven the fact that any attempts to escape were next to impossible and by now, Project Black Rose was inevitable. Being men of wisdom, they tried to keep their calm.  Mr. Musk ( businessman ) said, “ Listen misters, I know that we are sailing in the river of death and it seems quite certain that this boat of ours is going to sink. Without any further delay, I suggest we all put forth our ideas related to the most dreaded Black Rose”. Everyone nodded in agreement. Dr Arckum seemed a little uncomfortable but gathered courage and said, “ 10 years ago, I was a happy man with a beautiful wife and a smooth sail on both my professional and personal fronts. But happiness didn’t stay for long. I was secretly trying to disprove the fact that ‘matter cannot be destroyed or created but remains a constant ‘ I worked hard, terribly hard for nights together sometimes to the extent that my wife and I would  quarrel because of lack of communication or my “supposed” disinterest towards my home. I however promised her that I would make her proud. Unfortunately the next week, she passed away and I was heartbroken. The fact was that I had found out the proof of the statement!! I had prepared the solution wherein the refractive index of the background becomes the object’s refractive index. I had known the magic of making things vanish. However knowingly or unknowingly or as destiny had had it, the solution spilt on my wife and she parted from the world… I was heartbroken and depressed, which explains the regular doses of fluoxetine. Later I found out that my solution worked only on living beings( preferably humans and animals ). After my wife’s demise, I tried it again on a lab rat but it was unsuccessful. then promised to myself that I would never let out this secret of death to anyone in the world. I knew that this was an infidelity to my discipline, as a true scientist shares his knowledge. I was utterly depressed. However I continued to research more on this and found out that for the solution to work, I needed to activate my solution with a very high energy initiator. Here the refractive index leads to disappearance and the high energy kills. I couldn’t find any sources of high energies on earth and thus I wonder how my wife left me without the solution being initiated. It was then Prof Carnelutti took advantage of my weakness (intense depression due to loss of my wife) and extracted this whole incident from me which I had promised to myself that I wouldn’t share with anyone . Since then, he has formulated Project Black Rose which involves my science of disappearing living beings.” 

There was an expression of awe and surprise on the faces of the other two men. Dr. Tyson then said, “ Well I now know the whole plan of Black Rose !!!! I am in the process of making a discovery wherein I link stars to matter and create objects of the Same weight as before but the energy will be 1 lakh times the original by taking the energy from the stars.  I’m damn sure Prof. Carnelutti wants us to collaborate on this idea and create such high energy matter which is equivalent to 100 atom bombs!!! “

Mr. Musk then said, “But I wonder, what could the Prof. want from an entrepreneur like me? ” 

Just then the digital clock struck –

7 more hours !!!!!


7 more hours!!!

With the story taking an “Invisible man ” like turn, ominous silence prevailed as the men thought of how their lives were turned upside down this morning, just the 20th day of 2020. Or so they thought. 

Professor Carnelutti walked in saying,” So, doesn’t look like you see the urgency, eh boys? You’re halfway through!” Tyson replied in anguish,” Professor, there’s no way we can develop the machines required for the high energy source we need now, it’ll take years.”

With a smug smile, Carnelutti said,” True, my friend, but in 2020, not now(cue Doofenshmirtz’s evil laugh). Welcome to the future gents, this is 2035!!!”

Disbelief, shock and a lot more could describe what the men felt. Continuing, the excited professor said,”Yes, in the last 15 years, we’ve not only made the high energy sources we need, we’ve finally managed to bend time by predicting the past and future positions of a particle and speeding it up like crazy, creating time warps( no, they didn’t have a Doraemon- esque time machine under their desks. Sorry, dreamers). 

“Better get to work boys, your virtual assistant will get you anything you need to get the job done. Arkcum’s eyes sparkled,”Anything?”, he asked. “Yes, anything. Now get going”, and saying so Carnelutti left. “Huddle up men, I know what to do ”, said a pumped up Arkcum,” if he can bend time, so can we”. Musk and Tyson stared blankly,” But how? “, they asked. “Carnelutti is not the only one who knows a secret”, said the genius Arkcum confidently,”I know a thing or two, and one of them is that we’re getting out of here in no time”. And so they did. Commanding their assistant to get them all they wanted, the time warp was created. YESSSSSSS, finally, they were ready to run for it. Just then, Arkcum did the wackiest thing he could’ve done, and set off the alarms in the whole war base.” Are you nuts professor?!”, exclaimed the other two. “Nope, I’m fine gents, go on, I’m right behind you.” Confused, Musk and Tyson sped through the warp. Just then walked in Carnelutti, seemingly angry but not knowing that he was in for a shock. Arkcum pulled him into the time warp into 2020!!

They’d done it. They really did.

The 3 men parted ways, promising to keep this nerve-wracking journey a secret. The next day’s headlines read ‘Renowned Professor Carnelutti declared mentally retarded, taken to asylum for terminally ill’. Arkcum made history at CERN as he was destined to. Months later, the three meet again. Tyson enquired,” Arkcum, you have to tell us, where did the Carnelutti of the present go?”

Arkcum said ,”Shhhhh-no one can know!”


Written by

Abhay RS, EIE, First Year 

Adhirai, EIE, First year

Jegan, EIE, First year

Gurbani, CT first year

Jyotsna Shetty, EIE, First year

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