Intecho 2017 – Report


As mankind treads on the path of progress, it witnesses the invasion of technology, high and low, so much so that, the time is approaching wherein we will have to make specific efforts into the reminiscing of our roots and recreating the essentials that what we have  conveniently overlooked. The need of the hour is professionals who are socially responsible and morally conscious of their decisions and will work collectively towards sustainable development, emphasis on sustainable.


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Keeping this in mind the department of instrumentation engineering, Madras Institute of Technology adopted the theme ‘Recover green’ for their intercollegiate symposium Intecho, March 4,5- 2017.

The college bore a cheerful look for the occasion with all the embellishments, which includes both the decorations of the campus and final year girls, clad in traditional attire. A ceremonial Inauguration was held, wherein the head of the department proudly presented an annual report on the performance of the department as a whole. P. Bala Krishnan, professor, Appadurai chair of power systems, Anna University, was kind enough to preside over the function where he inspired students to cultivate a spirit of entrepreneurship and mold themselves to becoming employers, rather than being employees.

Later that morning, the events started off with full vigor and as participants swarmed in for idea presentation, project display and paper presentation. All terrain robo-race, robo-soccer and line soccer were events that impressively caught everyone’s eye. One can safely call it the show stopper for the day.


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The workshops on Internet of things, industrial automation and cloudbotics had a large number of takers and earned nods of approval from visitors. As a cherry on top of the cake, events were organized for school children where they presented their ideas on alternative sources of energy and sustainable development.

Non- technical events such as connections and general quiz, strategy games such a B-plan and coding events such as hit the bug also had a lot of participants try their hand at luck. The first day wrapped up with the announcement of the prize winners of the day’s events, and an urge to recover the green cover on earth.

The second day of the symposium began with the competition for Mr. and Miss. Instru opening up with full swing. The workshops from the previous days continued, and people had intense fun at the treasure hunt and potpourri games.


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Meanwhile, the dusk witnessed a formal function where the alumni awarded various scholarships. Also, saplings were planted all over the campus by eminent alumni of the department, including the founder of Plackka instruments. As the night set in slowly, the students geared up for the alumni meet, an occasion that they eagerly look forward to, year after year. The crowd started gathering in the open air theatre and graduates of the college fondly greeted their juniors, trying hard to control nostalgia. The seniors and juniors bonded over dinner amidst music and sharing career experiences and giving a much needed guidance counsel to the students.

Late into the night, came the hardest part wherein the alumni had to leave their haven again, and we the students had to bid adieu not only to them but also to another department symposium, which was undoubtedly a great success and a beginning for more to come.


Reported by Gowri Ramshankar, first year Instrumentation Engineering