“I can’t take this anymore!”, he yelled at his reflection on the mirror over the bathroom sink. A pair of blood shot eyes stared back at him with the Halloween makeup dripping all over; he was a total mess. He pulled his long, curly locks back with a deadly grip as he continued staring at his reflection, scrutinizing the scars over his face, letting out an exasperated sigh. His phone chimed multiple times, but he didn’t bother taking a look at it, as he knew what it was about. He was annoyed, angry, bitter, but above all, he felt betrayed.


His green eyes glistened with thirst. Thirst for revenge! And he is going to seek it, at any cost.


He slowly stepped out of the stall and paced down the hallway. He knew it was too soon; he can’t do what he intends to do right away, ’cause it will definitely draw suspicion towards him. He knew that his plan won’t work out the way he wants it to, if he draws attention towards himself. So he decided to wait. When the time is right, they’ll pay for it.


The plan he was thinking wouldn’t just be that of a revenge but would teach them all a lesson once and for all. Knowing he needed help in the execution, he picked up the ringing phone and answered it. “Hey Tom, I’m alright. I just need your help with something. Meet me at the parking lot in 5 minutes.”, he said and hung up the phone.


5 minutes later in the dimly lit parking lot of St.Mary’s High school, came running a fairly built 16 year old boy dressed as Prince Charming towards a feeble looking boy dressed as The Joker. Oddly enough the reel story he had watched onscreen was turning true in front of his eyes.


The boy dressed as Joker recalled the day’s events and laughed at himself for his naivety. “Today will be a better day”, he told himself. Alas how unfair life was.


The running boy reached him and was heaving heavy breaths. When Tom at last calmed down, he noticed a look on his friend’s visage that gave him tremors down his spine.


“I am gonna make them pay’,’ he said with a look of pure vehemence and Tom had no other go but to agree as his friend was shooting daggers at him and if he, Tom failed his plan in the hope of saving his once popular best friend he’d be dead or worse be known as a traitor. After the plan had been exchanged and Tom was about to leave, he heard a gunshot. And, by the time he realized what had happened, his friend, his best friend lay dead on the ground, he had no idea what to do but, cower.


His mind raced, he had no idea what to do, he was the last person his friend had talked to. So, naturally he would be a suspect in this murder. But, he had to fulfill his friend’s last wish. He had to make them pay for what they had done to his friend. One last time, and then he would surrender to the authorities for the crime he was about to commit.



I was happy, I had killed the one person who would have been an obstacle to marry Sally.Yes, obviously Sally shouldn’t know of this ‘cause she never even accepts me as a person, and keeps rallying about him. But now that he is dead, there’s nothing she could do, but settle for me. No longer do I have to be second best. I can finally live my life and not in his shadow. I re-entered the hall, scanning the hall for my prom-date, in order to break up with her and get Sally to be my one and only.


As I entered the hall my prom-date was giving me a look that made me feel she had a suspicion of where I went. I walked past her and went straight to Sally. Though Sally was dressed as a mermaid in blue and green, her natural beauty and her brown eyes gave her a elegant look of a princess.


Flattered by her beauty, I for a second missed the gravity of the current situation. I was once again brought to my senses when she came closer to me and asked me whether I had seen John. How was I supposed to say John was dead. I killed John and I killed him for her. How would she react if she knew what I and John really shared. Would she support me understanding my grudge against him. Or would she detest and reject me. Not sure of all these, I just nodded her no. She left.


In order to avoid any further suspicion I joined Laura, my prom-date against my will. Being my neighbor for a long time, she knew myself and Sally had been friends for almost a decade. She knew I had a desire for her since my childhood and it all ended in vain after John entered her life. But still Laura was here with me because of my riches.


Where is Tom? Is he plotting my death? Is he trying to escape from the cops cause he was the last person John contacted and apparently, he would be suspected. I knew Tom as much as I knew John. He would rather risk his life but won’t give up avenging me for John’s death. I have to find him. If not today, at least before he finds me.


I faked a smile at Laura and asked her if she wanted more wine and then it happened. I heard a very loud scream. And of course it was her voice, the girl who stole my heart and made me do things I never even dreamt of doing. She probably would have reached the parking lot within five minutes.


Laura apparently wanted to rush to the scenario and wanted to know where the noise came from and I casually accompanied her. There laid John silenced by death. Sally was almost in a unconscious state, eyes blurred with tears, unable to believe what her eyes showed her. I turned up to the crowd and looked for Tom. I knew what I started had to end soon.But the important part is, it had to end without leaving any traces behind.




I felt a tap on my left shoulder ,twice ,thrice. I opened my eyes to realize that it was only my dad. Oh my god! Where did he come from? Oh,all of it was a whole incubus nightmare! I heard my dad’s usual voice as I wiped my eyes, stuck with the nightmare for a while , came out from my room  to get ready to  fight with the real world to reach my Bourne (a great research scholar). After some time I giggled  thinking about the nightmare. I am Richard , a physiology student. I perform multiple researches  on the day-to-day  activities of a common man and it was John , Tom, Sally and Laura, the best ever companions of my life traveling  with me from the beginning. Sally has a very strong passion towards John and it was me and Laura  who love each other truly and at last  tom was the best out of us all, living his happy life doing  what ever he loves. Oh god! I have to get ready ,thinking  about these guys would need  eternal time to be spent.


With happy thoughts and a terrifying nightmare , I rushed to college to attend the same customary class. As soon as I was done with the classes, I really wanted to meet all of them in spite of me telling myself it was a very bustling week for all of us. John and Sally were pursuing their engineering dream. On the other hand  it was Laura succeeding in her designing career and Tom was following  his passion towards photography. These guys have always been special for me ,it brings a great joy thinking about them.


At last there came the happy weekend! It was time to meet them all! I rushed to the meeting spot half an hour before the planned time and kept calling all of them, one after another. Everyone with the same excitement, picked up the call and answered that they would reach early. I felt immense joy seeing all of them. Tears were rolling down my cheek as all of us were meeting after an year. Laura came running towards me, hugged me with so much affection, her hug gave me great comfort. She was beautifully dressed up in a red maxi which was my all time favourite. Everyone started laughing looking at us, which made us both come out from our little moment and I was eagerly waiting to tell them about the nightmare because I needed some suggestions. I finally opened up – one started laughing , another started thinking why would i get these kind of nightmares, another one suggested me to worship god.  Everyone gave me different suggestions . I was having fun with them but the thoughts of the nightmare kept distracting me.


The day came to an end and it was best ever day with all of them, we all had to return back ,they all were so concerned, told me to take some attention towards my health first and take a break from my research processes. I reached back home but still it was the nightmare which troubled me. I came to a conclusion of taking this nightmare as my research paper that is  “WHY WOULD A PERSON GET A NIGHTMARE ?“ what would be the problems, why it would be a good one or a bad one, very much unrealistic and unrelated… loads and loads of questions showed up in my mind, didn’t have any answers, there i started my journey…………..



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