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We are not defined by boundaries, never will.

The ink may run out, but at Quill, words never do.


What does the earth and the heart have in Common? Art.


When you’re too lost for words, here’s something worth a thousand of them.


Rumours spread like fire. Well, our reporters are even faster.

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What Quill does and what it stands for
We are the official news and literature organization of the Madras Institute of Technology.

We are a group of passionate people who strive to bringing everyone information and provide a platform for others to express their creativity. We report on the major events and happenings, mostly limited to our campus. As a news body, we take the responsibility of generating awareness among our students. We promote the arts and organize contests which help budding talents. We publish creative works including poems, short stories, cartoons, photographs, etc. We provide a voice to those who need them. We strive to make our readers’ day.