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The MIT Quill wants you to contribute. Do you have something to say? Well, this is the right platform. Articles, short stories, poems, confidential information, exposes, photographs, short films, teasers, advertisements, gossips etc. in English or Tamil can be sent to

Feel free to email us your queries, suggestions and criticisms. We will be happy to hear from you.

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  • Hi Juniors,
    I belong to Millennium Emperors batch (2000-2004 batch). I am feeling see proud and happy to find a official newsletter of MIT spreading its root.
    I am actually process of writing my first novel based on MIT campus life and a Day scholar’s travel to College. And the part of the story demanded a official magazine of campus getting to be instituted. I am still process of naming and developing legs to story on that lines. I guess you will understand the surprise and overwhelmed emotions that I had(actually still have) when I learned about “The MIT quill”. I definitely do feel jealous about your batch for having the vigor and passion to make it happen and get it going 🙂
    I wanted to share my level of happiness and wish the current team and all the future teams all the very best. I also take pleasure to thank the founder and supporters. You guys rock.

    Best Regards,

    • Hello Ambika senior,
      Thank you very much for such inspiring words. We are really glad that we made you happy. We will continue to give our best. We wish you the best for your novel and would love to hear from you. 🙂
      Nothing fills our heart with joy as much as a token of appreciation.
      The MIT Quill

  • Hey guys love reading the articles out here.

    just my 2 cents …. That feature from Gspeak which keeps appearing is a bit irritating. You might consider doing something about it…..



    • Hello Naren,

      We were testing a new feature with enhanced accessibility to the website. It is mainly for our visually challenged friends. But we agree it is a little irritating.
      We shall do something about it (removed for now) and we’re glad you like our works.

  • I would like to know whether anyone can send their articles, stories, etc. or is there any mandatory requirement. I would be highly obliged to receive your reply.

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