Solitary Confinement

If you were asked “What makes you happy or feel contented?” you can come up with a variety of answers, starting from a single candy to becoming a multi-millionaire. Some of you may even have ‘spiritual’ ideology about that. While reading or listening to them without context makes you wonder what is the big deal about ‘being happy’. Even though we have come across a handful of sayings quoting “happiness lies within us”, how many of us could get access to that. To be honest, basic human nature is insatiable. As wrong as it may sound, it is the bitter-sweet reality. We are no ‘saints’ to be desire-free. Heartbreaks, fear, rage, insecurities, failures, find their ways into our soul, shattering it, pushing us hard into a void which seems inescapable. A study even says that the pain felt during dejection could be physical. Humans tend to make terrible decisions when they are down. The major reason for their further downfall is expecting someone, anyone to understand and comfort them. But alas! It seems as if not all of us are lucky enough to get one of an altruistic kind. It may be incredulous, but we have to confide in ourselves. The mirage-ous wave of the cellular world makes us even more vulnerable to a mental breakdown, possibly due to lowered self-esteem. As lovely as it may seem to post ‘thought-provoking’ quotes or theories on social media, the real challenge lies in the application part. All those quotes and sayings were from the personal experience of some specific individual. Isn’t it irony at it’s best to quote “You are unique in your own way” and follow some ‘possibly successful’ person’s sayings, which were based on their personal life experiences. No offence, but the innate beauty of leading a happy life have a co-dependent relation with perception. It is that simple. But sometimes simple things are harder to get.

The article was written by Diviya N.

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