Avengers : End game – A CONVERSATION


Shreayaas Iyer:- Ok, guys has anyone watched “Avengers:Endgame”. I have an opinion that the characters are dull-witted.


Nandha:- Dude, don’t. I’m warning you don’t give out any spoilers. No means no!


Shreayaas Iyer:- Hey chill, I just asked if you watched the film, ’cause the première is getting outstanding reviews and I watched it, so I thought we could chat about it.


Nandha:- Oops, sorry. I just booked the tickets after standing for nearly 4 hours in that long snake-like queue. I don’t even do this for my “Kollywood Idols”. And tomorrow, is really the END GAME!


Shreayaas Iyer:- Well with “End game” and “Game of Thrones” releasing the same weekend, I’m sure most are gonna take Monday off to grieve for their “imaginary” pals.


Nerd:- Hey guys, I heard what you were talking about, see it’s quite simple, read the comics that’s enough…


Shreayaas Iyer and Nandha:- Give an ill-stare.


Nerd:- No, seriously guys, the comics are just amazing, moreover you can’t implement all that in a film under a budget. The possibility for dissolved people is only a “Quantum Realm”! ( A Frankenstein BGM rolls). I really think that they stick to the comics.


Nandha:- Dude. I have watched every film so far without someone ruining it with spoilers, so please have mercy. Moreover, I am a die-hard fan of Tony Stark aka Iron man, who the directors say will be the torch bearer of this film.


Pranav Balakrishnan:- Moreover with Marvel introducing the strongest characters in the MCU (Captain Marvel) just weeks before the “End game”, the stakes are really high and the hype is overwhelming. Everyone is waiting eagerly (even the universe) for this epic conclusion.


Shreayaas Iyer:- Part of the journey is the end. And I wish they’d pull off one last surprise. And the Avengers will end (sobs artificially).


Nandha and Dhananjeyan:- …silence….


Nerd:- No, Marvel will actually start their next phase of movies with Black Panther 2, Spiderman:Far from home, GotG 3, etc.


Random Cinema Goer:- Jeez, can I just get an assurance that my 120 rupees of ticket + 30 rupees for the 3D glasses + snacks, will be a profitable venture ‘cause I just watch to while away the time.


Dhananjeyan:- It will be an emotional film. Hope the Russo Bros will bring out the best. Even, Stanlee’s cameo will be the last.


Nandha:- Oh Stanlee….(feels hard), yes they have filmed the cameo portions, but we do miss him a lot.



After watching the film




Iron man freak:- No, no ,no I can’t bear this, no……Tony, please don’t leave us.


Dhananjeyan:- So…It was a roller coaster ride, full of laughs, thrills, tears, the movie’s a complete package.


Random Cinema Goer:- The clash between Avengers and Thanos was just climactic, it wasn’t a waste of money at all now I can go home fully satisfied.


Shreayaas Iyer:- I really hoped for both Ion man and Cap’s fans to come out of the theater smiling. But this film was totally off the fan fights, it was all about “United we stand, divided we fall”. The end was as good as the journey.


Nerd:- Okay, there are some flaws, the actual essence of the Comic isn’t present, but it was a good watch, and my guesses were all there, so kudos to me!


Dhananjeyan:- That scene with Thor and Hulk was so comical.


Nandha:- And the scene where Tony speaks with his father(who is waiting for his wife’s delivery in the past).


Shreayaas Iyer:- And the scene when Steve Rogers says, Avengers Assemble!


The people standing in the queue for the next show:- You guys, just get the heck out of here!


Nandha, Dhananjeyan, Shreayaas Iyer, Random cinema goer and Nerd leave dismally.


Stanlee:- Have these guys not watched even a single alien invasion film (a voice from



In conversation are:

Shreayaas Iyer – First year of IT

Pranav Balakrishnan – First year of ECE

Dhananjeyan MS – First year of Automobile

Nandha Balamurugan – Second year of Mechanical

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