Carte Blanche’19

With a vision to provide a platform for budding engineers to showcase their talent and intellect, the Computer Society of MIT conducted its annual Inter-collegiate symposium, Carte Blanche from March 1st to 3rd,2019. Carte Blanche’19 hosted several industry-grade workshops, technical and non-technical events which ranged across the three main streams namely Elex, Algo and Mechanical.



The symposium also consisted of Robotics events like Robo-soccer, Robot Racing and Robot wars, which saw some innovative and futuristic bots battling it out for the prize. The hype and excitement for Carte Blanche ’19 started a couple of weeks in advance itself, with events such as online photography contest for the shutterbugs and the Online Programming contest for the coding geeks.



The Elex events such as “Digitrix”, “Circuitronix” and “LiaseThe Link”,satisfied all those electronics engineers craving for a challenge. The events for the mechanical stream seemed to keep the hardcore Mech-geeks occupied, with events like “CAD modelling”, ” Plan it” and “How stuff works”, which tested their skills. The events like Street Coding, reverse coding and debugging  saw a large participation of students.



The various workshops were conducted by Zoho Corporation, Google developer’s community and Royal Enfield, which enabled the participants to gain some insight into the topics and gave them an opportunity to acquire practical knowledge. Apart from the technical events, participants took part in some enticing non-technical events too. The anime quiz event was an instant success along with the other classic events like IPL Auctions and Connexions, which witnessed a huge crowd for participation.



Carte blanche ’19 also featured a Speed Cubing contest-“CBKO 2019” in association with the World Cubing Association and the Chennai Cubing Club. This event saw cubers from all over the city across all age groups, putting their fast fingers into action. The event was extremely intense,which could be clearly inferred from the amazement in the faces of the audience.



Carte Blanche was also incorporated with a unique “Placement event” for the brown-taggers which ensured placement in a reputed organization for the winner of the event. Carte Blanche  was filled with eye catching events, mind boggling quizzes and best of all- interactive and comprehensive workshops, all of which delivered a lot more than what was advertised. With excellent planning, execution and multitude of participants, Carte Blanche definitely lived up to be one of the best symposiums of 2019!


Reported by: Pranav Balakrishnan, First year, ECE  and Shreayaas Iyer, First year, IT.


Photographed by: Kamal Raj, Second year, ECE .



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