Mersal – A treat for Thalapathy fans



MERSAL, undoubtedly one among the most anticipated movies of 2017, directed by Atlee and produced by Thenandaal films released on 18th October. It mainly deals with the medical mafia. The movie highlights Tamilculture and the importance of Jallikattu. Having a compelling lead performance by Vijay as the protagonist, SJ Suryah as the antagonist and a great sound track by AR Rahman, the movie also has strong message.

The movie had great expectations right from the announcement of the shoot to the release of teasers, promos, first looks and songs. I was personally eager for its release after seeing the teaser, which ruled social media with loads of likes and views. Just the teaser of the movie started creating records which amplified expectations.



The story unfurls in two different time periods, one in the past and the other in the present. Vijay is seen playing 3 different characters, one as the village leader in the flashback and as a doctor and a magician in the present.The doctor and the magician both share a common ideology – free and quality medical treatment for the poor. In this process they reveal a lot more about the white collar crimes and the corruptions in medical field.The film totally deals about how medicine has become a business instead of being a service to the people.

Despite having a strong social message the story looks like a usual revenge movie but still Atlee’s direction, GK Vishnu’s cinematography and Thalapathy’s on screen presence keeps us engaged throughout.

The movie is simply a package of drama, romance and action. Some scenes tingle a wide range of emotions. After the reveal prior to the interval there is no surprise in terms of story.
For a director, with just two movies to his name and for a debutante cinematographer, the film is not disappointing. All  the three female leads Samantha, Kajal Agarwal and Nithya Menon share a very small screen space. However Nithya Menon has completely exploited her acting skills within the given space.

One cannot have a better comeback! Yes, I am speaking about Vadivelu sir. He has played a vital role in the film. Though Kovai Sarala’s role was small, she played her part really well. From demonetization, racism, GST to white collar crimes, everything has been dealt with in this film. The interval block is alone worth the ticket money. Sathyaraj as the investigator behind a string of murders initially interests us more than SJ Suryah whose performance is much better in the flashback scenes. At the end of the day, Mersal is a complete family entertainer worth watching in the big screen. In a single word, the title says it all about the movie – MERSAL. It is totally a celebration for a Vijay fan.

Written by: Bhaskar Monika, Second year , Production Technology.