Spider Man : Far From Home

Stepping into a post apocalyptic world after the events of Avengers: Endgame, SpiderMan now has to face an “Avengers Level” threat. This action packed sequel is both Peter Parker’s and our exploration of grief and moving on after recent events in the MCU.

Heaps of humour and energetic acting is in its best at filling the emotional void with which the fans were left earlier to this movie. Unprecedented action sequences, with flashy and astonishing visuals separate it from other movies of its kind.

Not so subtle references to our favourite characters and events keep us connected with the entire storyline whose “Phase3” is beautifully concluded with this movie. Happy Hogan(Jon Favreau), MJ(Zendaya), and Quentin Beck(Jake Gyllenhaal) all showcase excellent talent at presenting their characters.

With classic Nick Fury moments, mid credits and post credits scenes hold lots of big reveals. One worthy
mention is Tony Stark, who even after his time says, “Even dead, I’m the hero”.

Rating : 4/5

Review written by: Dhananjeyan, Second Year, Automobile.

Reviewers : Dhananjeyan, Second Year, Automobile, Raghul Ragavendhar, Third Year, Mechanical and Kirubanandam, Third Year, ECE.

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