Chekka Chivantha Vaanam – Movie Review

We still have a Mani Ratnam’s film releasing in town after 3 decades, Surprising isn’t it? Mani has evolved as a filmmaker and has succumbed to changes which is clearly evident from the aesthetics that he’s used in his films. Now, let’s dig through CCV.


The film sheds focus on a well to do and an influential family headed by a ‘godfatherly’ figure and the hunt for his proxy after his demise. Technically speaking Mani shines as a screenplay writer. The scenes were coherently interwoven and the film had a good pace without any lag. It had all the elements of keeping the audience hooked up to the screen. All the actors were indispensable to the film and the maker has been equipoised while assigning roles to them.


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Rahman’s BGM stands tall and he has used unconventional tunes and EDM during the course of the movie. It’s the first time in a Mani Ratnam’s film where in the protagonist hasn’t lipped a song and it isn’t choreographed. The songs have been included as montages which do not intervene the shape of the film. Natural lighting was predominately used in the film with few shots in the end highlighting the colour of the sky (which I felt was relevant to the film’s title). There were a few sloppy aerial shots which exhibited the need for the producers to condense the budget. Editing was on top of the line and it’s rare to see Mani preferring faster cuts which he was reluctant to do even in films like Aayudha Ezhuthu.


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Dialogues were the USP as far as screenplay was concerned. It was sarcastic at parts and had subtleties which carried a lot of baggage. The film had its share of backslashes in portraying the female characters who were considered the ‘flag-bearers’ in carrying a Mani Ratnam film forward. They lacked depth and just were used as fillers to accompany the leads. Overall, the film and its makers were the prime movers in launching a product satisfying all spheres of audiences and kudos to Mani for venturing into an unexplored territory successfully.


Written by Sai Sivakumar, Third Year, Mechanical Engineering.

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