Review of the “Wet & Wild” : Aquaman


Aquaman can be boldly declared as one of the best saves of this century. Next to Christopher Nolan who saved Batman for us, James Wan being an Aquaman fan himself has not only saved Aquaman but also the whole DC Extended Universe (DCEU) after the Justice League fiasco.


The film while being a superhero movie, also brought the emotions of all the characters around the protagonist. Being a big fan of Aquaman, James Wan has built Aquaman in a way no one has ever thought before. Owing to the strong character built by James wan, Geoff Johns and Will Beall, it needed a strong actor which is perfectly quenched by Jason Momoa’s acting as well as physique. Despite ravishing us as the Kal Dhrogo in Game of Thrones, Jason Momoa came out with a strong performance as the Aquaman equally compelling us to choose between Khal Dhrogo and Arthur a.k.a Aquaman. To equal this strong figure Patrick Wilson was no less commanding in his role and character putting up as a diplomatic and strategic warrior; no wonder James Wan prefers him in almost all his movies.
‎Don Burgess keeps everyone on the edge of their seats with his cinematography during the action sequences with Rupert Gregson-Willaims enthralling us with the background score. The graphics and the visual effects are mind blowing, taking us a different reality.


The main advantage this movie has is the deep connection with our history and the modern world. Starting from us polluting the oceans to the ancient legend of Atlantis. While all the other DC characters dwell in imaginary cities, only Aquaman connects to the real world, the ancient legend of Atlantis and the connection between the legend of king Arthur’s sword and the trident of Atlan. This very reason kindles all the curiousity in many history-liking audience as how the Atlantis was and does it really exist.

Not missing out Amber heard who played her role to the best and gave justice to the character ‘Mera’. A subtle yet strong and brave character striving along with the protagonist throughout the film gives us the versatile nature of both Aquaman and Mera who grew up in two different worlds. While Amber heard was good in her action sequences, Nicole Kidman rob’s our pulse with her action sequences. Watching Willem Dafoe as Nuidis Vulko reminds us the versatility of this man’s acting. To all those kids who grew up watching Willem Dafoe as the goblin now gets a chance to see him play in a positive role.Though only a small screen space, but giving a promise of future appearances, the “Black Manta” however failed to make the impact as the arch nemesis of a strong character such as Aquaman.

Apart from this Aquaman is life saviour to all those DC fans who have been waiting for such a film to lift up DC up to its original glory. To all the other audiences Aquaman is a visually great and a very good film to watch.


Written by : Siva Surjith S, Second year, Electronics and Communication Engineering


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