Bigil – Review

     To begin with, Bigil, for the most part, worked for me. It has like everything you ask in a commercial movie -action, romance, some terrific numbers and comedy etc. And as every Atlee movie goes, this movie too has emotional beats, character deaths and close-up reaction shots. You can even predict the screenplay but[…]

Movie review-Kaappan.

  To start, my expectations for Kaapaan weren’t high after the much-hyped NGK performed poorly at the box office.  I stepped into the theatre with a clear mind and surprisingly found the movie to be a fast-paced thriller. The story is about how the selfless, good-intentioned Prime Minister of India (played by Mohanlal), is protected[…]


Movie: Thanneer Mathan Dinangal Cast: Matthew Thomas, Anaswara Rajan, Vineeth Srinivasan. Language: Malayalam   A nostalgic school age drama that tells about Jaison and the three things which trouble his mind. A school story which actually shows what kids do at school and not something which is portrayed in other school films. The humour flows all[…]


The Film Concluded Credits read— “A SELVARAGAVAN Film” in white which suddenly turned Red. People chanted ,” This is a Selva Film”. Nanda Gopala Kumaran is an M.Tech Graduate turned organic farmer raising his own crops in Sriviliputhur ( for namesake ,as the area is neither exploited nor shown in any other scene). This person, a[…]

Avengers : End game – A CONVERSATION

  Shreayaas Iyer:- Ok, guys has anyone watched “Avengers:Endgame”. I have an opinion that the characters are dull-witted.   Nandha:- Dude, don’t. I’m warning you don’t give out any spoilers. No means no!   Shreayaas Iyer:- Hey chill, I just asked if you watched the film, ’cause the première is getting outstanding reviews and I[…]

Captain Marvel – Review

“Lit”, “Marvel-lous”, “Old wine”, “Glamorous, funny and an epitome of Illogicity”. These were some of my friends’ reviews when we walked out of the theatre after watching Marvel’s new movie- Captain Marvel. This latest new blockbuster is one of the main reasons why Marvel has been the boss in the “Superhero industry”. (Sorry about that,[…]

Review of the “Wet & Wild” : Aquaman

  Aquaman can be boldly declared as one of the best saves of this century. Next to Christopher Nolan who saved Batman for us, James Wan being an Aquaman fan himself has not only saved Aquaman but also the whole DC Extended Universe (DCEU) after the Justice League fiasco.   ‎ The film while being[…]