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“I am Dead”, Raghu (Dhanush) proclaims halfway through Gautam Menon’s much awaited Ennai Nokki Payum Thotta. This piece of information, thrown at the audience through a solemn yet bland voice over, somehow “misfires” as it causes a series of chuckles to break out in the theatre.

This is not the only instance where the movie becomes unintentionally funny.The entire mood (or should I say mode?) of the film is dark and operates in this space.



Raghu is the quintessential Gautam Menon hero. He is a final year Engineering student from Pollachi with liberal parents and a cute sister.

He also has an elder brother, Thiru, whose past is so hurriedly narrated at the beginning of the film that you might run the risk of missing it if you turn up late to the cinemas.

The heroine, Lekha (Megha Akash), is much darker than the other GVM heroines.

She is a 19 year old girl who is forced to act in films against her will by her ‘Godfather’, Kuberan, played by a menacing Senthil Veerasamy.


The meet-cute happens when she comes to shoot her film in his college and one thing leads to another in a rather unconvincing manner.

But Raghu is very much aware of the danger that surrounds Lekha.

His urge to protect her and her need to escape from her abusive reality make them fall in love with each other. Predictably, everything goes downhill for them after that. She disappears and he is sucked into this underworld/thriller kind of a scenario where he bumps into his long lost brother, played by Sasikumar,who is now a cop(?!!).



Gautam Menon mentioned prior to the release of this film that he has used a lot more of voice overs here than he did in his previous films.

‘A lot more’ is a gross understatement for the movie feels like listening to an audiobook.

The voice overs somehow make Raghu seem more self-centred and vain that the other GVM heroes.

The fact that the voice overs think themselves to be ‘witty’ add to the annoyance.That being said, the clever usage of voice-overs to fill the huge gaping holes in the narrative and to compensate for bad acting has to be lauded.



Speaking of bad acting, Megha Akash looks the part but sadly doesn’t emote her character’s plight convincingly. There are actual scenes in the movie in which her guardian, Kuberan, teases her about her acting skills.

Dhanush is a lot better and is somehow still convincing as a twenty year old.

Sasikumar is functional and doesn’t have much to do.

Surprisingly, it is Sunaina who has a comforting presence.She plays Dhanush’s senior from college who sticks with him through thick and thin.

With this film,she single-handedly destroys the notion that it is MIT that has the best “senior-junior relationships”.



But the one huge problem with all these characters irrespective of how well the actors performed them is that they all sound the same.The delivery of dialogues is uneven with no proper pauses or beats.

The dialogues by themselves are uninspired and flat.

Take Lekha’s life for example, her story is filled with trauma and abuse but it is viewed through a sanitised lens. We never get a glimpse of how terrifying her life actually is.



The movie is quite satisfactory in the technical department. The cinematography is sleek and captures Dhanush’s various ‘modes’ quite well.

The songs by Darbuka Shiva are the best parts of the movie.And if there is one thing that is very clear from Ennai Nokki Payum Thotta it is that Thamarai is one of the most consistent lyricists out there.

She is a national treasure and it is blasphemous to not adore her.



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Review Penned by Tirumalasri, Final Year, Electronics and Communications Engineering.

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