Vada Chennai – Movie Review

Lets get here straight…

I am not here to review the film as it has already attained a Godfather like response all over Tamil audience. The things which were a way ahead at the first sight are to be discussed at this juncture.


 “Kudusayo , kuppamedo … Idhu namma oor ka.”
 “Sanda senjaaganum”


The brilliance of this story lies in staging of the scenes, be it a streetside romance or even a brutal bloodshed killing. The interpersonal communication was so much raw and original, also it is a facet for the Typical Madrasian who will shout those words in a peak traffic.


The story isn’t a “new-to-the-world” one. But the characters surrounding it, push it to an altitude where no film can reach, atleast in it’s genre. Vetrimaaran has a flair of materialising certain elements to his films with Dhanush . Evident examples are Polladhavan with the bike , Aadukalam visualising the cock-fight and here we have Vada Chennai in the list with Carrom.


The characters namely Dhanush, Samuthirakani, Kishore, Andrea, Daniel, Ameer have done a tremendous job in living their roles. If they haven’t, the magic would have been buried. Dhanush had a series of changeovers in his role.Right from Dating to a small time carrom player turned Slum Lord, he makes even a slightest reaction meaningful.Andrea, who was staged in a role of an ordinary wife doesn’t make anything special, but the justification she does for her role turns the audience awe-struck.


The director has made a clear vision that his film never gets diluted anywhere, not accustoming to the norms of Tamil cinema. There he shines as a creator.


 The Background Score was the nerve of the film as it had the scores of dirt, retroism and carried the core of the film throughout.The Cinematography was the cherry of the cake. Though it didn’t have all the colors of normal vision, it had each and every frame to deliver a thought, action, deciet, plan. The Shadows were quite little high for the background of the story.


Production design was the wonderful part of this film as the city, the slum, late.Rajiv Gandhi’s mourn poster, and MGR’s picture in govt office, everything has been placed therby providing a good authenticity and ambience to the story. Dialogues were the heart-throb, as it  ascertained to the mindset of the plot. It received a good applause.


As mentioned earlier – A little to say , great to watch..
Again a VETRImaran film.


Written by : Nandha Balamurugan, Second Year, Mechanical department.

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