March 1 2019. The day most of us, specifically RPT students, were buzzing for, the exemplary “Elastoplaz”, the event that carried the tagline “An Elastic Elite”, conducted exclusively by the Society of Plastic And Rubber Technologists commenced in good spirits.

On the first day, the event began around 9:30 A.M with the arrival of the honorable dignitaries : Dr.T. Thyagarajan, the respected Dean of our prestigious institution, the Chief Guest, Dr.S.K.P.Amarnath , group head of R&D Asia, Apollo tyres Chennai and the Head of our Department Dr.N.Natchimuthu. The inauguration was also graced by the presence of former HODs, representative sponsors, chairperson and vice chairperson.

The occurrence was set about with the State anthem, followed by the Welcome address rendered by Assistant Treasurer, Shariqua Fathima. Then, the presidential address was presented by The Dean who quoted about turning passion into purpose, igniting our minds with spur. The intention of Elastoplaz was elaborated by the Chairperson, S. Hariprasath. One of our most important sponsors, AIRIA, was presented by Mr.S.Suresh Khanna, who opined on committing to the cause of the Indian Rubber industry.

The inauguration was then followed by a technical talk event, presented by one of the chief guests, Dr.Amarnath, on “Greener and Cleaner Tyres”. He shared his experience on researches on the solution to various environmental problems posed by the tyres that we use daily. That afternoon, a workshop based on “Sustainable Composites” was lead by L.S.Jayakumari mam between 2 PM and 4:30 PM. Simultaneously, several Non-technical events like IPL Auction, Gene Quiz, Connexions etc  were taking place to productively entertain the students.

Little did we know that the second day had much more to bring. On March 2, we had two workshops and a variety of other events. The workshop which commenced from 11:00 A.M to 1:00 P.M, dealt on the topic “Polymer Characterisation Techniques“. The topic was made aware to the students by the Head of our Department, Dr.N.Natchimuthu. He kindled an interest in the fresh minds of the students to do an analysis to improve the performance of materials and develop new materials.

It was followed by the third workshop which took place from 2:00 P.M to 4:00 P.M on “Nanotechnology” by Prof. Aravind Chandrakumar from the Indian Institute of Technology, who is also an alumnus of our prestigious university. The detailed presentation consisted of details on the top-down and bottom-up approach of production of nano particles till their applications. The day also brought about the following events : Poster Presentation, Mock Press, Dumb Charades, Déjà vu, Prioritise Me which took place with enthusiastic participants.

The successive day held the most important occasion : Merge19. It is the official get-together of the seniors and juniors of RPT department which provides an extraordinary platform for the students to interact with skilled and experienced alumni. The meet began at 2:00 P.M, with an interactive session rendered by our passed out seniors. The bash had a little dance number followed by a banquet.

Each workshop had over 100+ registrations with the overwhelming enthusiasm of eager students. The icing on the cake was that RPT department had the most count of sponsors out of every other department. This annual event was a huge success, and  a shout-out to everyone who made it possible.

Our Sponsors:

Bronze sponsors – LIC, AIRIA

Event sponsors- Cori engineers pvt.ltd, Chime, Cymorg, Mando

Supporting sponsors- ST Courier, FCS, Clifftech, Horiaki, Molikule, Build and beautify Etc.

Reported by : Sailaja R, first year, RPT,  Shakthi Akshaya S, first year, RPT.

Photographed by : Arunachalam, second year, RPT.

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