Avengers Infinity War Trailer Review

“There was an idea…”   – Iron Man

After a long wait, Marvel universe eventually released their first AVENGERS 3: INFINITY WAR trailer. This film is the last installment of the Marvel phase 3. It has got a lot of  importance because all the pre-installments of Marvel studios (Marvel Cinematic Universe) has lead to this very moment  – ASSEMBLE 2018.


This film introduces it’s ultimate villain THANOS and his battle crew BLACK ORDER. It portraits the ultimate aim of Thanos as conquering the Infinity stones.

13 years of Marvel Cinematic Universe has built a strong base on the Infinity stones. Out of 6 stones 5 are clearly located and the remaining one is still a mystery.

This trailer is majorly set in the WAKANDA nation which will be revealed in the upcoming BLACK PANTHER film. What makes this film very notable is that there will be the death of a few central AVENGERS and yeah that Gauntlett punch from Thanos will surely kill spidey!!! Russo Brothers confirmed that not every superhero will be carried over to AVENGERS 4.


Now let’s look at the shots of this trailer. We Can see a perfect shot of THANOS with his infinity gauntlet in this trailer. Unmasked VISION is visible in this trailer. IRON-SPIDER in “instant kill” mode. Captain America With a beard and Natasha with blonde hair. Bucky with his new Vibranium Arm. T’Challa in his Black panther Armour.  Hulkbuster suit back in action. A shot of the Guardians at the End. What more does a marvel fanboy need!?


From a DC Fan’s perspective, this trailer is like adding fuel to the fire. Warner Bros have already ruined the JUSTICE LEAGUE movie with their extraordinary CUT and this trailer tests them. Moreover, from a normal person’s view, this seems to be an amazing high-budget sci-fi movie.
But for those who followed the Marvel Cinematic Universe closely, it is a boon.

Anyway, this film’s trailer has succeeded in creating a hype in whole world. This trailer does not reveal Ant-Man, Hawk-eye and Wasp. We can expect them in the next. Thor, now as the King of Asgard carries responsibility. We have a shot of Loki obtaining the TESSERACT (Space stone). Look’s like he is working for Thanos again.

Vision is focused on obtaining the Mind Gem with Loki’s Scepter. There is a glimpse of Peter Parker with his spider Senses. Dr. Strange and Wong find Dr. Banner fallen from sky. Yes, the end is here.

Tony is seen to be wearing a special Space Combat suit for this movie. Falcon and War Machine are caught flying through wakandian rampage. This trailer has everything we have expected and experienced. This is what makes marvel special!!…

So here are my three guesses of the location of the Soul Stone :-
1. With Adam Warlock from GOTG2 post credits scene
2. With Heimdall in Asgard (literally destroyed)
3.With T’challa in Eakanda from Black panther trailer (as he talks to his late father in a scene).



Make your Budget plan for next year because this is one of the masterpieces that should not be missed.


Written by Ramana Arunachalam, Second Year, Electronics and Communication.

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