96 – Movie Review

When the teaser, trailer and the soundtrack of 96 were released, it just created magic with many setting the “Kaathalae Kaathalae” song as ringtone,  with the teaser ruling people’s social media stories and feed etc., And they promised us an out-and-out pure love story and yes, 96 is an ode to love! Just unconditional, unadulterated love story with no compromises with reality.


The story was simple and it could be figured out easily if you had watched the trailer, which is two childhood sweethearts meeting in a school reunion and the happenings afterwards. Yes, it was. But what’s special here is how the debut director Prem handles the story so maturely and with subtlety, etching out beautiful moments on-screen, thanks to cinematography and camera, I have just fallen in love with the beauty of Chennai in nights! “The Life of Ram” song is a standout!




Vijay Sethupathi as “Ramachandran.K” once again proves why he is the jack of all trades with his performance. His usual sense of humour works out even here and also portrays the emotions at his best.Trisha as Janaki Devi referred as Janu in the film has given one of the best performances in the year and after ‘Jessie”, this is one complex memorable role for her and the audience as well.


The both leads (also the younger actors who play Ram and Janu in teens) exhibit a spectrum of emotions with ease filling lives into their roles. One thing I found awesome was the maturity level character Janu has been given and that’s commendable. Inspite of entering into the frame after half an hour from start, she just walks in stunning and as a pair they both are so refreshing and you just have a connect with Ram and Janu as the story progresses. Chinmayi’s voice for Janu is a special mention and it does hit out the park. The humour by supporting characters worked well in the first half.




The soundtracks and BGM by Govind Vasantha was one of the pillars of the film which was just heartbreaking and awesome. The lyrics add so much to songs when fitted into the film. One thing that could have been reconsidered was the film’s run time but the lead pair makes for it with some worthy moments.


To sum up, 96 is worthy to be a classic love story and is a MUST-WATCH! There are chances of shedding tears but after that you will smile for sure as Ram and Janu will live together in your memories and in ‘Ram’s suitcase’!


Written by:  Nanda Gohul,  Second year, Automobile Department

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