The train journey that I embarked on to reach my college filled my mind with bitter-sweet memories of my blessed childhood which not only brimmed my eyes with tears but also left traces of a smile on my lips. Report cards, cheering girls, autorickshaws, congratulating teachers and the rest just came flooding back.


Year after year after my last day of school, my granny had habit of rewarding me for my hard work by buying me a toy from a toy shop in Parry’s which up to date is the biggest and the grandest shop in the whole world for me. It was spread over a breath-taking two floors and its shelves were decked with toys up to the roof. It was a haven during those magical days. After ages of selecting and selecting and selecting I would finally finalise much to my granny’s delight. Then we would board a train to Tambaram to reach her place.



The most memorable sight was the teeny-weeny falls at Tirusulam station which was a delight to the sore eyes of a 7-year old city dweller. After landing at our destination I as usual would , by default march in the wrong direction just to have my ears boxed by my granny. At the entrance of the station my granny used to have a rickshaw specially reserved for us. The rickshaw uncle used to be very similar to the ones mentioned in any Ruskin Bond’s book. He used to pedal us home for a meager five rupees. My granny then used to make mouth- watering delicacies to give my stomach company while I watched ‘OSWALD’ on T.V.


Then the following days would be preoccupied with my granny’s sister-in-law teaching me snippets about the characters in the Bible, eating, sleeping and playing. This stroll down my memory lane has not only enriched my memories but also left me with buckets full of tears as usual!


Written by: Nisha Debroah Philips, First year, Computer Technology.