Without You



That moment when you know,

A friend is turning their back on you;

Like slowly melting snow,

They are gonna tear from you;

The pain that pierces your chest,

The breath that is knocked away,

Like falling from a crest

Your hopes are crushed away;

First a drop, then another

Salty droplets gather in your eye

Then, like a gate opened farther

They tumble down and dry;

Even after the hours have died

The pain does not cease;

Your heart has been fried,

But the redness of your eyes don’t ease;

All good memories of them and you

Reels before you, real slow

Aching reminders clawing at you

A fresh sorrow begins to flow;

Out, everything seems sour

In, everything seems numb

Words to your ail no more,

To silent agony you succumb.

Written by Preethi L , First year Aeronautical Engineering.