M&M Story

On a beautiful early spring, the weather gets warmer, sunnier. Trees and plants start to grow. After dropping out of University, twenty-three-year-old, Dekera lived in a village, she is one of the most unfortunate people in the world. She was always gloomy, she always complained and was always in a bad mood, she was tired of fighting and struggling all the time. For Dekera, every day of the last two years has been a bust. She keeps her head down, takes her college courses online, and only goes out to work at her mandatory internships.


 One night she went out with her family late at night and didn’t study for the test which was scheduled for the next day. In the morning she thought of a plan. As she didn’t dare to take the test, she decided to bunk the exam. As she didn’t want to tell this to her parents, she left home on her two-wheeler but stopped at a dense forest near the college campus. She just wanted a breath of fresh air. She spent a lot of time there, thinking about her future. She talked to herself, wondering what she was going to do, and why does she have to struggle for everything she wants to do. She prayed to God, begging for a happy and peaceful life. She cried that she couldn’t handle her problems alone, and wished for something which would solve all her problems and lead her to a peaceful and happy life.


 Then as she walked back to her bike, a ray of bright light struck her eyes. She saw a glowing object lying on a piece of rock. As she approached the object, she could feel someone telling her that this strange object was going to change her life forever. She went closer to the object, it looked like a mobile phone but had only one button in it, curious, yet apprehensive she clicked the button. For a second, nothing made sense to her; the object was hanging in midair and she couldn’t see her own hands, she looked down, and instead of her body she was looking at the ground. But still, she could feel herself holding the phone. Yes, she realized that she was completely invisible. She again clicked the button, and now her hand came to her sight. She clicked it again and again and noticed herself disappearing in thin air. She put the object back in her bag and hurried back home. Ambiguous of what is going to happen next, she was about to open the door but suddenly something struck her. She took out the object, clicked it, and made herself invisible. She opened the door slowly and slid inside her house. She went to her room and made herself visible. She changed her clothes and started packing her bag. She decided to set herself free from her mundane routine. She left the house with her packed bag and some money. She left a note in her room for her parents and started towards an undecided destination. She went to the main bus stand of her town and took the first bus available to a major city.


 As she reached the city, she moved into a mansion near the bus stand. She realized that the money she took will not be enough for her to survive and she had to search for a job. Suddenly she heard a gunshot from a room on the same floor. Trembling in fear she pulled out the mobile and with a click of a button made herself invisible. She went slowly towards the corridor and saw two men take the elevator in the corner. She then rushed into the room from which the men came out and saw a dead man covered in blood lying on the floor. She was shocked to see the dead man because he was a well-known businessman and also a friend of her father.


 Trembling in fear, she took off to follow the strangers who took the elevator. Those two strangers were going in a car and she followed them back with the help of the magic mobile. They went to a grand hotel. Stepping into a room she followed them carefully and she was scared eager to know about the murderers.


 In the meantime, the CBI was investigating the murder case. They couldn’t able to find any clues. “Well done boys”, said a man. She was shocked to hear that voice and her curiosity pushes her to get into the room and she was blood frozen to see that man because he was her own father. The murderer gave a pen drive to her father, “You got this boy”, he said with laughter. She was dead shock and regretting so much for that. “Oops!” she said as her magical Mobile’s battery was about to die. She felt like being in hell and wondered what’s going to happen next!!!


Her father heard her voice. He couldn’t believe whether it was his daughter’s voice. But he was afraid. He paid the assassins their pay and they left the hotel. She was there alone in the room with her father. She wanted to know what was happening and why her dad was doing that. She was aware that her magic mobile is about to die. Her father was happy and he was very relaxed. She took the Pen drive and went at the moment when he was about to blink. She went back to her room.


 The magic mobile, however, survived and she had no idea when it’ll give her away. She didn’t know what to do. Just a blink, she saw the Pen drive. She wanted to know what was in it. So, she went to a browsing center. There were a video and a document relating to her father’s industry. Dekera was shocked by the video. She neither wanted her father to be arrested nor to be punished.


 At the same time, the CBI couldn’t find a clue. She didn’t want to inform the Police that her father was the culprit or about the Pen drive.  She went to her father’s industry. She saw her father and requested him for a job. He was surprised to see her. He was anxious to appoint her because he had been inviting her to join since her graduation, but she denied it.


 He asked her to come home, but she refused. Besides, the CID was going through the case seriously. They found the fingerprint of the boy who murdered the businessman. They were serious enough because a Policeman was also killed that day morning and the fingerprints found there matches with this fingerprint. She was shocked as she heard about this interlink in the news channel. She immediately went to the dead Policeman’s house to find out how he died. There was his wife. She enquired with his wife.


 “He went to the job as usual. The previous night he was nervous. I asked him what was bothering him. He tried to act cool in front of me. Then he got a phone call late night at 2 pm. It was from a man. He threatened to kill my husband if he took this case. I was worried. But my husband consoled me and told me that nothing would happen to him. The next day he was murdered.”, the woman wiped her tears.


She asked the woman if she could recognize the voice if she hears it once again. The lady told that she could. Dekera dialed her father and made her hear his voice. The woman said it was the same voice she heard that night. Dekera confirmed that her father was the culprit behind the murder of the Policeman.


She went back to her room. She was thinking about what would be the missing puzzle in the crime and what could be the relation between her dad and the dead businessman and policeman. She saw the policeman’s photo and was thinking where she had seen him before and at once a photograph clicked in her mind, it was her father’s college graduation photo.


She went to her room and asked her father about the murders. He was petrified about how she knew everything. Then she showed the video and asked about the document. It was the document of the industry which was registered in the name of three people. It includes her dad and the two dead persons. The video was about a murder that happened in the industry which was done by these three. The murdered person was the secretary of the industry.


She asked her dad what actually happened on that day. He said “That man was in favor of our competitive industry. During an argument, I killed him accidentally. It was recorded in the CCTV camera. That Policeman was about to reveal the truth to everyone. I was afraid of what would happen if he revealed the truth. So, I paid for the boys and asked them to kill him. Then I realized that the businessman also had a copy of the video. Then I paid the same assassins to kill him and got the Pen drive.”


“Dad…”, Dekeraa gasped for air. She was too horrified to breathe. “Trust me Dekera, it’s for your own safety. If I got caught, I can’t even imagine the situation I’ll have to put you in.”, he searched her eyes for hope. “But…Dad…How could you…”, her heart thundered against her chest heavily, “I can’t believe it.” The room was zooming in around her. She felt dizzy. “Tick…Tick…Tick…”, a strange ticking sound came from her jacket. She tried to reach her father for support but slipped. He got her before her head hit the ground.

It was then, he noticed the sticky fluid at the back of her head. “Dekera! Oh my God! What happened!?” Suddenly his phone rang, it was from his wife.  “George! Our baby…Where are you?” she was crying out loud on the phone. “What are you saying? I don’t understand” he was confused and on the verge of panic because of his daughter’s condition. “Watch the news” her voice was hoarse, she was still crying, “How did you not notice…” the call abruptly ended.


It was only then he noticed the photograph of Dereka in the flash news. YOUNG GIRL FOUND DEAD IN THE WOODS NEAR THE CAMPUS OF A REPUTED UNIVERSITY. Breath caught in his throat. Dekera was in his hands, bleeding out of nowhere. She regained consciousness and took out the magic mobile. It was shaking vigorously as it was going about to die. “Dear… were you at that forest today?” he found his voice shaking out of fear. He wanted her to say no. “Yes…That’s where I found this” she showed him the magic mobile and explained everything with great difficulty.

Realization dawned on him. His sniper reported to him in the afternoon that he had shot a double agent spying in the woods and it was a girl. But it was his own girl. Tears pooled in his eyes. She was shot right before she got the device. It had been keeping her in this world to let her find out the truth. He killed his daughter. “Dear…” grief formed a lump in his throat. “I love you, dad” with a faint smile she closed her eyes. Her soul sparkled in the darkness and faded out along with that device.


 Her father had flashes of sweet memories of his daughter followed by his mistakes. He couldn’t stop blaming himself. He was in the denial phase. With a determined look, he left the place as he realized the right thing to do. He surrendered to the Police knowing that his daughter’s soul was finally at peace.


Written By:


Yuvan Raj





Duke Daffin



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