The Mystic Triangle

Can a triangle be so scary and dangerous unless it is a trigonometric triangle? Many of you might have recollected a single name in your minds by now. Yeah, that is none other than THE BERMUDA TRIANGLE. What is so mysterious about it is that any ship or airplane passing through that particular region gets lost without a trace. The Bermuda Triangle is also known as Hodoo sea, Devil’s triangle and Limbo of the Lost. Being situated in the North Atlantic ocean, it not only encompasses Bermuda, Florida and Puerto Rico but also the fancies and scripts of many people. This fact inspired many to write books and make films bases on the Bermuda Triangle. Let me put those interesting stories and scientific facts in a nutshell.

There are three major causes for the bizarre phenomenon in the Bermuda Triangle. They are:

Bad weather:

Some people explain the disappearance of ships and airplanes with the fact that the Bermuda Triangle has a monstrous weather. The major factor attributing to this disastrous weather is the unusual formation of hexagonal shaped clouds over that region. These clouds are like air bombs capable of triggering hurricane-like winds with an average speed of 273 kmph. No ship or airplane can withstand such a high speed wind

Paranormal activities:

A faction says that this outlandish phenomenon is due to the city of Atlantis in the current location of the Bermuda Triangle which was eliminated centuries ago by a disaster. You may guess the remaining part of the story.

Close encounters of the third kind:

This is actually the title of a movie which suggests that the extra- terrestrial beings are responsible for the disappearance of ships and planes.
Many renowned scientists have also expressed their take on the Bermuda triangle; most of them are controversial. “It is merely a plain old human error plus bad weather”, says Dr. Karl Kruszelnicki. He also adds, “The number that goes missing in the Bermuda Triangle is the same as anywhere in the world on a percentage basis”.


“The Bermuda Triangle mystery is not more than a manufactured mystery”, says Dr. Larry David Kusch- the author of the book ‘The Bermuda Triangle Mystery- Solved’.

If I am right, you may have one question left unanswered in your minds. “Why couldn’t we even find the residues of the lost ships and aircrafts?” Well, the most convincing answers I have got are:

1.The Bermuda Triangle is a region with the area of 500,000 square km. Trying to find a single ship or airplane over this huge region is similar to searching for a grain of sand in the beach.

2.As mentioned earlier, the Bermuda Triangle has rough weather which is huge enough to tear the ships and airplanes into pieces and drive them far away from the actual spot of disappearance.

So, wanna add the Bermuda Triangle in your ‘places- to-be- visited’ list?

Written by: Nirupama, Second year, Department of Computer Technology.

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