The Association of Production Engineers (TAPE) Inauguration was conducted on August 29th, 2019, in the Seminar Hall, new PT Dept Building. It was presided over by students and eminent professors of the department including, Dean Dr. T. Thiyagarajan, HOD& TAPE President Dr. R. Sivaramakrishnan, TAPE Vice President Dr. P. Karthikeyan & Former Dean & HOD[…]

Student Exchange Titbits

Compiled by Roshana Naresh Third year students of Production Technology, MIT, Anna University – Manjusha, Rohini and Shruthi spent their 5th semester at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden as part of the  Student exchange programme. The Quill team interviewed them about their experiences. We came to know that a Student Exchange Program is applicable[…]


By Shreyas Salem Srinivasan The most celebrated technical festival in the field of Automobile Engineering in this country was held on February 22 and 23 with an astounding response from the student fraternity. With 5 workshops, close to 20 technical events and a few non technical events, AUTOMEET 2014 was organized to test the skills and[…]