Passion Vs Pay

Written by G. Mounisha

Many of us here are all about maximizing their savings and being financially prepared, doing anything to make a few extra cents. So, many people, because of their mindset towards money ask us to choose careers that would maximize our cash flow, right?

I am going to go out on a limb here and say that most people care about having money.
As bright eyed bushy tailed 18 year olds deciding what path to take in life, the majority of us imagined our futures as ones where we would be financially free. But then came the time to choose a major or a career, and we had a choice… passion or pay?

Some may choose a career based on 100% passion others may choose a career based on 100% pay. And rest of us would make a choice that took both passion and pay into account.
There are certain drawbacks when you choose a career based on 100% passion.
Most passions don’t line up well with paying careers. So a better goal than “follow your passion” is probably to do something that you are good at, that brings you a reasonable amount of satisfaction and that earns you a living.
And like most young-ins, we believed that if we were passionate enough, the money would come rolling in. Well, money may not be rolling in, but we believed what every adult had ever told us, “If you are passionate enough you can be successful at anything!”

passion pay


Then you become an adult, and reality sets in, no matter how passionate a person is, there are extenuating circumstances that can affect success: the economy, office politics, major life events etc…
But if we had chosen the money basket we would probably be on a path making more money than our passion choice makes us.
And that gets us wondering, if money basket would have been a better choice?
Because while choosing a career based on pay, we work for long hours, the cash that flow at the end of the day would help justify it. But even if we loved our job to pieces (choosing career based on passion) and even if we are perfectly perfect at it, it would still just be a job. Maybe the cash flow at the end of the day isn’t satisfactory.

So maybe the money basket would be a right choice no matter what. I am not saying pay would be sunshine and butterflies, but for those who chose it, it is no longer the wrong choice in our minds.

Written by G. Mounisha

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