Placement Series: Post 2

Compiled by Sarunya. D

The below is a compilation of the experiences of the author from the various companies she attended in the on campus placements before getting recruited by SAP Labs. The author is a final year student of Information Technology, MIT.


Round 1:

Online test (MCQ)

A very easy one. Don’t know how they reject people as the questions are so easy that anyone can answer them with little preparation.

Round 2:

Online programming test

2 programming questions were asked, which were also very easy.

Round 3:

Technical 1:

The interviewer was so friendly. He started with a formal question “Tell me about yourself”, “Explain your project”, “What was your role in team projects” and about my Internship. Then the following:

  1. Given a string remove the alternative repeating characters, for which I wrote a program in java.
  2. Then, he asked me to write the possible test cases for that program, for which he also helped me. 😛
  3. Virtual Memory Concepts – I explained it completely.

He was satisfied with my performance, and I was carried to tech 2.

Technical 2:

I was a little frightened to enter that hall, as I had already heard that the interviewer was a little rough. He straightly started with the questions

  1. Volatile keyword in c – for which I still don’t know the answer.
  2. Overloading new operator- for which I was not sure, but guessed it right.
  3. Lowest common Ancestor in binary tree – I wrote a snippet, for which he asked me to write a code that COMPILES.
  4. Threads and Process

I was called for third tech interview. 😀

Technical 3:

The following questions were asked for me.

  1. About my project
  2. Enqueue and dequeue program with O(1) complexity
  3. Why manholes are round
  4. Stack vs heap

There was no HR. I did this round well but was not selected. The reason must be that they are interested in people only with 3/3 good decisions.J



I don’t exactly remember the questions of first round, but they included programming in it, which helped me to get through. 😉

Round 2:


2 questions were asked and they were easy ones.

  1. Convert roman to numeral
  2. Convert numeral to roman

I was selected for the next round.

Round 3:

I felt bad, when they said that my answer sheets were missing, just after 10 minutes of submission. L. So she asked me to write it again and explain it. (Be prepared guys. This might happen a lot). Then she asked me the following questions

  1. Pattern printing
  2. Project explanation
  3. Any sort, for which I explained merge
  4. Hashing
  5. Normalization and denormalization

I was shortlisted for the final tech interview. But they already selected the candidates based on the CGPA. It was so disgusting that they made us wait for more than 2 hours for Round 4.

So, top 9 pointers have good chance in this company, if you are able to crack the first round. 🙂


Round 1:

Online programming test (2 questions)

Round 2:

Machine coding round

-just one question was asked. I chose java language to code it. The question was:

Given 4 queries, program it for Online Shopping.

From which they shortlisted the candidates based on the following things:

  1. Good programming knowledge
  2. Indentation
  3. Proper naming
  4. Good reason for you to choose the language you used to code

Round 3:

They asked us to explain our program and the other alternatives that can be used to make the program efficient. You can answer this only if you are good language knowledge.

I got selected for the next round.

Round 4:

Technical Interview

The following questions were asked to me

  1. Huffman coding
  2. Puzzle
  3. Infinite streaming number

With my answers, the interviewer was happy, and he moved to real time questions.

  1. 2 real time questions – for which I gave efficient and simple answers different from the expected one and proved it efficient.

He was satisfied with the answers and I was selected to HR.

Round 5:

HR round through SKYPE.

We had problem with audio and video. Usual HR questions and some Tech questions were asked.

I was not selected and don’t know the reason for it. 🙁


Round 1:

I don’t remember the questions. I think programming was asked.

Round 2:

Technical Interview:

Just one question was asked for me. I gave solution from O(n2) to O(n). But he expected me to give the O(n) solution directly.

I got eliminated in this round


Round 1

Aptitude and tech apps were asked. Tech covered most topics from OS, programming, data structure, DBMS, networking problems.

Round 2

Technical Round 1:

They asked me questions from OS, Programming, algorithm, Data Structures and networking. I didn’t answer well for network question, where they asked me to write TCP inbuilt function’s code, for which I just wrote a TCP program. 😛

Still, I was shortlisted for Technical Round 2

Technical Round 2:

Here, I was again asked questions from OS, Programming, Data Structures and networking(worst part 🙁 ) and got eliminated because of networks.


Round 1:

It’s a written round which included aptitude and tech aps.

Round 2:

Just “tell me about yourself” and “explain your projects” with some puzzles. Nothing much technical was asked for me.

I was not selected for HR.


Round 1:

Online test

Some math and tech apps with 2 programming questions

Round 2:

We were grouped to 5 members in a panel. He asked us to design software for conducting interviews in 15 minutes.

I just made my concept simple and wrote

  1. Objective
  2. Requirements
  3. Design – flowchart, activity diagram and automation
  4. Test cases

Interviewer expected the Objective and design, so I got selected for the next round.

Round 3:

Tech Interview

Interviewer asked me to tell about the competitions that I have won, which went for more than 45 minutes. Then he asked some simple tech questions for 30 minutes.

Round 4:

Tech Interview

He asked to explain my projects and asked some questions in programming, DBMS and algorithm (KMP). And about my experience in Samsung and Bangalore. (Internship)

Round 5:


Normal HR questions and some questions like

“Why not Samsung?”

Why I was not able to get into the companies before

Short term goal

Long term goal

Happiest and Saddest moments in life

Round 6:


Normal HR questions.

Finally I got selected 🙂 🙂 🙂



  1. Be confident and bold in answering
  2. Don’t be quiet for more than 1 or 2 minutes
  3. Give at least related answers if you are not sure.
  4. Ask your doubts freely
  5. Prepare your answers for usual HR questions


Compiled by Sarunya. D

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