Vision Companions

Written by Kathiresh SK

We all know that our MIT is well known for many things from scientists to technocrats. What about social service?

We have our volunteer service organisations NSS, YRC, ROTRACT in our college. They carry out activities for the benefit of the society. There is a social activity in our college that goes on every day with the help of volunteers irrespective of the organisation. An activity by MITians. We are called VISION COMPANIONS.

So What about this?

Anyone in the college notice lot of visually challenged people coming to LHC after 5’o clock? Vision companions is for them. We are helping them in reading their daily lessons, completing their assignments, Entrance exam preparations, recording their text books, assisting in writing Braille and many more.

They are students from various colleges like SRM University, Nandhanam Arts College, Presidency College, Loyola Arts College etc. Some are Ph.D. scholars too!


They are very brilliant and they need some guidance to achieve their goals. Very few educational organisations and some NGO’s are helping them, but only during Saturday and Sundays.

Now what’s the role of MIT in this?

VISION COMPANIONS was started before 20 years by our seniors and since then they are doing this activity every day. MIT is the only educational organisation doing this activity in all weekdays. Vision Companions has come a long way from reading in open places in our college to now in LHC room no 1. Every day from 5 to 7 pm we are there for them. Even during exams! An average number of 30 visually challenged people visit MIT and some of them are travelling for hours for this. Through Vision Companions many visually challenged people finished their degree course and have entered into many fields.

What is the benefit for us in this?

Quite large actually. First of all, the satisfaction and joy in helping someone with their education. The pride when someone tells that they achieved their goals with the help of us. We get new friends as all of them are as same age as us. Lot of knowledge from their text books and from them can be gained. We got lot of information about Tamil language, Culture, History and many more from them.

Want to be a vision companion?

LHC room no 1 &2 at 5 pm – Every day. Open to all MITIANS

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