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Compiled by Roshana Naresh

Third year students of Production Technology, MIT, Anna University – Manjusha, Rohini and Shruthi spent their 5th semester at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden as part of the  Student exchange programme.

The Quill team interviewed them about their experiences. We came to know that a Student Exchange Program is applicable to all students of Anna University and any of the MOU universities can be chosen. Visit to know more

How did you come to know about this programme and what are all the procedures you went through?

  • We came to know about this exchange program through Centre for International Affairs, Anna University. We filled in the application form put up by KTH University and submitted all the necessary documents such as passport copy, mark sheets, learning agreement with the attestation of the director of CIA, Mr.Azad. Learning agreement is a form in which we filled in the subjects to be studied there, common with those in our curriculum. After getting selected we approached Centre for Academic Courses for credit equivalence of subjects and completed the procedure. The whole process was mostly online and finally we sent a hard copy as well.

 Tell us about your experience

  • Shruthi’s take

It was an awesome experience mingling with international students. I got to know how they perceived engineering and how they approach different problems in a cool calm way. There were also many Indians who helped us a lot during our course of study. Overall it was super fun!

  • Manjusha’s take

It was a good experience. I learnt many things, especially to cook and became a bit independent. Met people from different cultures and backgrounds and even tried many varieties of cuisines.

What were your academic experiences and the striking differences from our own education system?

  • Shruthi’s take

Everything was different. Last minute studying wont help like we do here since the exams requires in-depth understanding of any subject unlike here. And also lectures only give us the outline of a topic, but here the whole topic is taught in detail. We had to do a lot research on those topics later to be able to understand the concepts.

  • Manjusha’s take

It is more assignment oriented than exam oriented. For a subject we had to complete the assignments to be eligible for the exams. Completing the assignments is a tougher task than passing the examinations. We were actually doing MS subjects as only they were taught in English. It was a little advanced, and apart from that it was superb!

Share any of your memorable experiences

  • Shruthi’s take

Memorable incidents are many. To pick one, Once I had to finish an assignment within the next day and I was busy working in the lab that I dint notice the time. When I completed it was 1.30 AM. There was no train or bus service at that time, so I slept in the college the whole night!

  • Manjusha’s take

Memorable I would say when I was showing Kollywood songs and movies to my friends from other countries and enjoying their bewildered reactions!!


Compiled by Roshana Naresh

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