My Buried Life (Post 7)

Written by Kate, columnist, The MIT Quill

Art: Samhita Bandaru

For the past seven weeks, I have posted my bucket list and you have been patient enough with me. It has been a wonderful experience and I hope you felt the same. I thank everyone who took the time to read it. I thank all those who liked, commented and/or shared it. I thank Nikhil for his tremendous support and Samhita for enriching my writing with her art.

This week, for the final post of my column, I am going to talk about five things, not what I want to do before I die, but rather things I believe we should all do to have lived a life.

1) Follow your dreams
Define your own path and live the life you always wanted. Start working for it. Obstacles may come but you know you can do it! Don’t ever let others stop you from fulfilling your passion. You only live once!

2) See the world
Its a small world yet we live in an even smaller circle of our own. So get up and learn about this planet of ours. There’s so much life to see and in the process, you might get an unforgettable experience of your own!

3) Be yourself
Life isn’t always easy, but we should never give up. No matter what life throws at you, face it head on and stay true to who you are. At the end of the day, you are your best friend. So, just be yourself and all shall be well.

4) Make others happy
Life is to be happy. So why not share it with everyone? Help others, always be there for them. Make someone’s day and help bring a smile upon their face. Because life isn’t only about you nor can you live without anyone.

5) Live
Life is short enough as it is and we fill it up with stress, resentments, regrets and troubles. Let go of everything and take a deep breath. Close your eyes and envision your life. Think about how you want to be when you die. Make your own list and just enjoy your life!!

The truth there is never really an ending, its just about where you choose to finish the story. Here, my story ends, but not my list. I shall keep adding and checking off stuff from my list. Once again, a million thanks to everyone.

I would like to complete this journey with my favorite quote of all time by George Bernard Shaw, “ Dream like you will live forever; Live like you will die today.

Kate is the pen name of the author of the weekly “My buried life” published in The MIT Quill where she enumerates the various things she wishes to do while she’s alive. Sometimes small, sometimes big, she believes that it is these things that make her life truly lived. You can reach the author at with the subject “MBL”.

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