I wanna get lost!

By Rajesh Vaishnav

I wanna get lost…
What makes you yourself?
Who gave you this identity
What if you’re not you
Is that gonna make a difference

I wanna get lost…
We’ve seen much sorrow
We’ve seen much hatred
You think you can change them all

I wanna get lost…
Why are people fighting
Why do they repel each other
Why are our hands painted red

I wanna get lost…
I really wanna do this
I don’t wanna run away
But can we run away from our destiny

I wanna get lost…
To that place I’ve cherished
To that haven I’ve craved
Can’t we just go there

I wanna get lost…
Where there is no anger
Where there is no hatred
Where there are not identities

DO get lost…
If your identity is decided upon
your first breath here
If your identity makes you weak
If youridentity makes others weak
If you live only on your identity
If your identity feeds you
If your identity gets you money
If you have nothing other than you
Do get lost…

Now listen…
What your birth gives you is not you
What you do is you
What you work for is you
What you strive to achieve is you
What you wish for others is
What gives you your path

We’re having enough identities here
We’re recruiting one every second
If you really wanna do something
Get lost…
Lose your identity…
Earn your path…

By Rajesh Vaishav

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