My Buried Life (Post 6)

Written by Kate, columnist, The MIT Quill

Art: Samhita Bandaru

Art: Samhita Bandaru

Life is short and we run out of time way too soon, but what can we do? I say we make the best of it. Do all that you want while you can. Here are the next five things from my to do list and I believe I will be able to accomplish them before my journey ends,

26) Learn to skate
I already have the board for it. Now I just have to get up and roll. What would it be like to slide through the streets, instead of just passing by, unseen in automobiles? Its faster than walking and gives a glimpse into the depth of life.

27) Sing a song
I have always been, successfully, a bathroom singer. I believe I am fine at it. So I hope to flush out my inhibitions one day and sing in front of a crowd, preferably a large one.

28) Grow a rose
Roses never fail to dazzle anyone. Though not a garden, I would like to plant and nurture one till it blossoms into the perfect beautiful rose. And I shall give it to a beautiful young child, to see their eyes lit up bright with smile.

29) Throw a reunion
Years from now, when we die, all we will have left are memories. To relive them and to meet old faces, I would like to organise a reunion of all my friends I met in all the years of my life. Oh, how wonderful it would be! I shall shed some happy tears and laugh over those mad incidents.

30) Learn Archery
The bow and arrow have long haunted my dreams and I sure would like to try my hand at shooting. I believe I have the eye for it. Personally, I want nothing less than the bull’s eye.

Everyone of you has huge dreams and has the right to pursue it. So, don’t let the world tell you who you are, you’ll find out along the way!
Go live your dreams!

Kate is the pen name of the author of the weekly “My buried life” published in The MIT Quill where she enumerates the various things she wishes to do while she’s alive. Sometimes small, sometimes big, she believes that it is these things that make her life truly lived. You can reach the author at with the subject “MBL”.

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