My Buried Life (Post 5)

Written by Kate, columnist, The MIT Quill

Art: Samhita Bandaru

Art: Samhita Bandaru

A man’s life is measured in moments rather than money. That is the greatest treasure of all. And I am a person who lives in the moment because you never know what surprises are in store.

Life is about setting off upon new directions and mastering them. That’s what makes this monotonous journey of ours intriguing.

And here are more stuff I am adding to my list, the things I want to do before I die.

21) Go on a road trip
I shall pack my bags and set off into the night some day. Get on the road, with no destination in mind and seeing life as it is, that’s something that always makes my mouth water.

22) Learn a language
I know three languages but none of them foreign. Languages define who you are and I would like to be fluent in one. Preferably an ancient one.

23) Live in another country
This could be life altering. Living in a different environment and culture from the one you grew up can do leaps and bounds in learning life and making myself a better person. And I want to experience the changes it brings.

24) Learn to play the piano
Music is the one thing which moves me the most, next to books of course, but it would be exciting to play with those  keys and contribute my own to music and get lost.

25) Conquer my fears
As a mere human, I too have my fair share of nightmares and loads of worries. I shall struggle to destroy all or at least some of them. Especially my fear of roller coasters.

Experiences build you and they make you more alive than life itself. To put it more clearly, I agree with Oscar Wilde’s saying, “To live is the rarest thing in the world, most just exist.

So are you living or merely existing?

Kate is the pen name of the author of the weekly “My buried life” published in The MIT Quill where she enumerates the various things she wishes to do while she’s alive. Sometimes small, sometimes big, she believes that it is these things that make her life truly lived. You can reach the author at with the subject “MBL”.

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