My Buried Life (Post 4)

Written by Kate, columnist, The MIT Quill

Art: Samhita Bandaru

Art: Samhita Bandaru

The great Albert Einstein said,” Look deep into nature and you will understand everything better.”

As a writer and someone who feels necessary in finding the hidden meaning behind things, Nature is an intriguing art yet to be unraveled. I hope to come to terms with this environment which nurtures us before I join it as ashes.

16) Plant a tree
This is something everyone is doing and should do as a part of making the world more green. Apart from contributing to the go green initiative, I want to sow the seeds and see this being grow with me.

17) Sleepover at the woods
I love the woods and they are the perfect destination for a night to remember. So, I wanna make camp and have fun beneath the fire and sleep to the lullaby of the trees. Maybe, I shall do it before I finish college.

18) A cruise trip
Hop on to a ship and set sail upon those mighty waters! I wonder how the sea would be at night. Calm or ferocious? No matter what, I will go on a brief journey on the water, if not a voyage to the horizon.

19) A hot air balloon ride
I am sure all of us wonder how it feels to fly, to float in the air. And you get to do this, standing inside a giant balloon, gazing down upon the world, soaring amidst the clouds, so why not try it? You might get to touch one.

20) Lie down on grass
I know grasses are home to so many insects, but I would like to lie on them and see how it feels. I want it to tingle against my skin. I shall look at the stars and repeat the words of R.L. Stevenson, “Under the wide and starry sky, Dig the grave and let me lie.”

Like all good things, we didn’t realize the value of nature until the eleventh hour is upon us. So let us preserve it,  before we destroy its sanctity forever.

Kate is the pen name of the author of the weekly “My buried life” published in The MIT Quill where she enumerates the various things she wishes to do while she’s alive. Sometimes small, sometimes big, she believes that it is these things that make her life truly lived. You can reach the author at with the subject “MBL”

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