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By S. Raghul





MY RATING – 3.8/5


 The movie starts with the aged Vikram kidnapping Amy Jackson from a marriage hall, minutes before her marriage. Vikram (Lee) is basically a body builder who wins the Mr. Tamil Nadu title and aspires to win the Mr. India title. He is an avid fan of Amy Jackson (Diya), who works as a model for most of the leading brands. He gets a chance to pair with her for an advertisement and their chemistry works out well and eventually they fall in love. As in all movies, the baddies are jealous of Vikram’s growth and take a revenge on him by injecting a deadly “I” virus and he gets transformed into an ugly aged man. Is he successful in defeating the baddies? What happens to his love? This forms the rest of the story.

VIKRAM + SHANKAR + ARR + SANTHANAM – This was the major factor that made expectations soar above limits. But has this movie stayed up to the expectations?

Vikram’s acting needs a special mention as he has perfectly delivered in all three roles he has donned, as a body builder, model and ugly aged man .His hard work and rigor has reflected in the screen well. Amy Jackson too has a good scope in the film and has glistened with her beauty .Santhanam , though does not come for most of the portions , has done a decent job .

But the length of the film is beyond 3 hours, which makes us impatient towards the end. Many scenes could have been edited. Another major drawback is the fact that the upcoming scenes could be easily guessed as there are no major twists in the story line .The Villains lack the ferocity and power in the movie.

The audience goes berserk every time when the hero says “Athukkummela”. Santhanam makes everyone burst into laughter with his timing magic.

But there is a loop hole in the logic of the story. Even when the audience could get guess that the doctor was the reason behind his transformation, Vikram being innocent does not make any sense.

The screen play is very good especially, the China part and the songs and BGM live up to the mark .The audience becomes “merasal” as the song “Merasalayitten” plays on and there is complete melody as “Pookalesatruoiyvedungal” fills the theater .

BOTTOM LINE – A Onetime watch is plausible.

By S. Raghul

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