My Buried Life (Post 3)

Written by Kate, columnist, The MIT Quill

Art: Samhita Bandaru

Art: Samhita Bandaru

“You have to leave home to find home.” Ralph Ellison wrote in his manuscript.

Being an INFJ, I have always been lonely. I feel like I don’t belong where I am. And my soul is ever set upon finding where I will finally feel at home. So knowingly or unknowingly, travelling has been a passion of mine for so long. Today, I am not going to tell you five things but rather five places I want to visit before I take my final breath.

1) Athens, Greece
As a huge fan of Greek mythology, I would love to see this sacred ancient city. The Acropolis, the Parthenon, and so many other monuments which provide a glimpse into the Olympian times.

2) Venice, Italy
This floating city is truly a paradise. With its brilliant architecture amidst those endearing waters, it is a dream come true for any traveler.

3) Rome, Italy
Words are not enough to explain the beauty of this place. From the world renowned Colosseum to the most ancient Pantheon, Rome has got a treasure preserved at every corner.

4) The Pyramids of Egypt
Who hasn’t heard of the Pyramids? These majestic structures are one of the first in most travel lists. And you have to admit, to visit the sphinx and kneel in awe would make anyone feel like they belong.

5) Three Gorges, China
These historical gorges span across the Yangtze, the longest river in China. The famous Chinese dam is, in fact, named after it. Though the landscape around them has changed due to the construction of the reservoir, these gorges remain as breathtaking as ever.

Special Mention: 
Ajanta & Ellora Caves, India

Though there are great spots to visit all over the world, I would be blind to ignore the beauty of our own nation. And of all those amazing places our country is home to, these caves, dated to 2nd century BC, are the perfect example of ancient Indian architecture.

The list, of course, does not end here. The world is big and I want to explore as many of it as possible in my lifetime. Yet, I only mentioned a few because they are close to my heart.

So I suggest all of you to go check out this beautiful planet we are fortunate enough to call ours. In my own words (please bear with me here), “The whole world is beautiful once you open your eyes. If it’s not, you’re still sleeping.”

Wake up and go live!

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Kate is the pen name of the author of the weekly “My buried life” published in The MIT Quill where she enumerates the various things she wishes to do while she’s alive. Sometimes small, sometimes big, she believes that it is these things that make her life truly lived. You can reach the author at with the subject “MBL”

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