A day at IIT-M

By S. Raghul

On a day that would have been for the usual routine of classes, except for that incident which turned around the whole day. As we were late for class, we were turned down. Then one of us suggested that we could go to IIT for SHAASTRA, an annual technical fest held at IIT-M. We made a quick dash to the IIT campus and we were there by around 10 am. We had to take a bus to reach the Main campus block from the campus entrance (around 2 kms) and Paypal was doing a good job organizing the shuttle for the route. We registered ourselves at KV grounds and obtained our “Passports” (a card given for registration).

First we attended an event called “CASE STUDY “, which was something like our APS test. Then we went to look at the various stalls that had been put up. There were several companies like GE technologies, Sagitech Technologies, Zebronics ,Paypal and several other stalls for higher education institutes and for ‘study in abroad’ . It was a moment of great pride when the manager at the Sagitech technologies (an US – based IT firm) introduced himself as an alumnus of MIT.

It was around noon and we were starting to feel tired and hungry. But we were taken for a ride when trying to search for the IIT canteen as the campus was very big and everywhere people turned down us saying we had taken the wrong route .Each one told a different landmark as one said it’s in CLT and the other said it was in ICSR. We stood exhausted and hungrier .Finally we ate at a stall put up as an initiative of NGOs.

Then we attended the Microsoft industrial lecture and then a lecture by Dr. Sunil kumar , Dean of Chicago school of Business and Information Technology . It was around 6 in the evening and skies were beginning to darken. It was now for the highlight of the day AIRCRAFT SHOW (largest of its kind in ASIA) as the whole of IIT walked towards the venue, all roads leading to the Cricket Ground. There was great excitement in the air as the planes took off from the ground. It was the first time I was witnessing stunts of an aircraft, as it danced to the beat of the music. It then took to the sky as everybody felt strain in their necks, looking at those planes go so high in the sky.


It was already 7 pm as we realized that we had to return back to our homes. Unfortunately all buses proceeding to the Main gate were crowded and we took to foot to cover the 2 km distance amidst the silent and spooky roads of IIT. We had enough memories to compensate for the class that we missed that day but the feeling of missing my own MIT was to stay.

By S. Raghul

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