New Year resolves

By Rajesh Vaishnav

An awesome year passed by and a more awesome year is yet to come. People and places which we come across every day sometimes leave everlasting impressions in our lives. They greatly affect our conscience and change our very existence. This past year would have brought us many such. What matters most are not the people but what they give us, what they make of us and what we become after we meet them.

There were such people in my life in the near ending of 2014 who changed the way I perceived myself. Those people made me write this.

At the beginning of a new year, we all would be refreshing our minds and souls and making up our minds to start doing good things which we haven’t done so far. Our thoughts make our actions. We are to house good thoughts in our minds and keep our hearts strong. I’d like to suggest two good resolutions for this New Year.

Love, no matter what and never give up. These are my two resolutions for this upcoming year and on. Sounds so simple right. To love is what we’re here. We love our closed ones -our parents, friends and people who love us. But there is something more important about love than love itself. What to love? Whom to? I’d say “love everyone”. As idiotic as it may sound, not exactly falling in love but simply loving. Look upon everyone as your own self says The Bible. It indirectly suggests people to love everyone. Be good, speak with care, have a wholehearted smile with heart full of love. Nurture everyone you come across with love and don’t help them but do what people request you to with lots of love and care. There is this famous joke which suggests people to smile at a stranger everyday so that he might consider them to be foolish. In reality, we’re not alone here and we cannot be. Every second we see people around us. Why not try to keep them happy. The best happiness comes from keeping others happy. You’ve got to love them to do that. Sometimes all we need is pyaar, prema, kaathal. Enough with the self esteem and the shyness. Be that child you always wanted to be, that selfless selfie your heart wanted you to be. Be that shameless idiot who loves his life and lives it the way of his heart. Get along with people. Have a really big heart. After all this is what people with managerial skills are expected to deliver. To get people by your side.

The next is to never give up. Actually, one part of this tagline goes along with the first one. There may be some instances where love delivered may not come back, during those instances we’re bound to lose heart. But love is never lost. What you give, you’ll get back more than that. So never give up loving.


This applies for everything else as well. I’m a huge fan of the famous serial Naruto. This character stands by the motto never give up. He has a dream; he faces challenges en route to his dream. As he’s the hero he succeeds in every one of them and finally achieves his dream. Enough for a cartoon character but what it teaches are essential ingredients to prepare ourselves for our dream and achieve it. Arnold says “Only our struggles make us strong “. To struggle, we need a strong will to fight and that untiring heart which never gives up no matter what. We all face challenges in our life, be out small or big. There may be situations which test us to the core. We need to absorb the pressure and deliver our expectations. Great persons were not great in a single day and to be great means to dare to take risks. After all there is only one life. Have the heart to do whatever you wish is good for others and have that habit of never stopping till you lay your hands on what you pursue.

“You can never succeed unless you are willing to fail”

Happy New Year!

By Rajesh Vaishnav

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