Politics Matters

By Abisheik Ganesh

Politics. A word dreaded by most of the youth today. Truly, very few of us would want to become a part of the political scene and very few of us would have an ambition to become a politician. We refuse to show interest in a political topic just because of the stereotype that politics is a boring topic to discuss or it is a trend to loathe it. Yet we complain about the corruption happening around us. Yet we complain about how unclean our surroundings are. Yet we complain about the injustice done to us. Yet we complain about how poor the nation still continues to be. . .

Many of us have little hope that our country would prosper. We get closer to the ambitious Vision 2020 every year. It only seems that each day we are getting closer to staring at our defeat. We should realize that politics is something which is not to be detested. Many leaders with no initial political background have had successful lives in both politics and otherwise. Educated politicians who have the heartbeat of the people in their minds can do wonders to the society. If being a full time politician for you is too much, you can still join the many social activists, reformers and movements for the issues you feel need attention. Your participation matters.

Most of us (including myself) discuss and criticize our laws; politicians, their schemes etc. untiringly, yet cease to create the smallest step to initiate any appropriate change. Some of us stare at ourselves in a dead end thinking that none of these discussions or criticisms would bear any fruit and that our opinion does not matter. But it does matter!  Certainly, one spark can create a forest fire. We can initiate the change we require. The power of democracy lies there. Especially when the world is just feet away by the internet, we should not have the slightest inhibition to discuss these issues in a popular social media platform if we want to, provided we choose our words with care. In most cases, these discussions do exist right this moment; we just need to join the current. You opinion matters.

Voting is something which the youth see more as a duty rather than as a right. People don’t go out to vote because of laziness and that is pathetic. Some fools reason it out saying that they want to enjoy the holiday and their one vote won’t change anything. You read it. Fools! They don’t realize voting day is the one day which is going to somehow determine whether they are going to have any holidays in the future and frankly, whether they’re even going to live after those 5 years enduring any possible social anarchy. It may all seem hypothetical but the borderline is thinner than it seems.  A government can give you the much needed rope to climb or can drown you in the unkindest way. Your vote matters.


The Indian youth needs to get more interest into the nation’s politics. Politics is more important than most others we waste our time and energy on. It is something which has determined/is determining/ is going to determine every part of our life either directly or indirectly. Let us participate in constructive programs, share our opinions and vote for our leaders. It might surely cause some progressive change in a small scale if not a larger extent.

What you do for the nation matters.

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Abisheik Ganesh is a person who cherishes freedom to the maximum and enjoys playing with logic. Fan of sitcoms, music and physics. A Shelocked Potterhead who loves to think and dream.



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