MIT – My second home

By S. Raghul

As soon as I completed my 10th std with good grades, my father began telling my next milestone was 12th public examinations and throughout 11th and 12th he used to keep telling it is very important to get admission into one of the top engineering colleges of Tamil Nadu. I didn’t even understand what it was then. I used to gaze at the previous year cut off marks for some of the top engineering colleges and used to sigh in disbelief , looking at those skyrocketing ranks. I studied in a very famous school in Trichy, known for its only focus on scoring high cut-off marks.
However I managed to get good scores and satisfied my parents’ expectations .Then began the big debate for the choice of college and the branch of study . But then , till the night prior to my counseling date I couldn’t come up with any certain option . I desired to get into CEG but was unable to get ECE there , a branch I was very specific on . Hence, the branch had the final say as I told the staff at the counseling hall

“MIT ECE lock pannidunga mam”(please lock MIT ECE mam).

As I came out of the counseling hall , my parents were brimming with pride and happiness but I had shades of regret if I had missed out on the opportunity of studying in the most prestigious college of Tamil Nadu – CEG . But I convinced myself that MIT was another campus of ANNA UNIVERSITY and there was nothing much of a difference between MIT and CEG. But I soon realized that there was a huge difference and later I would realize that it is this difference that makes me extremely happy to have selected MIT.

Before the reopening, I was very anxious as people said 1st semester was purely based on basics -11th and 12th . I had studied in a school which completely ignored the class 11 portions and carried on with the class 12 portions , right from the beginning .

As I entered into my class, Room No -305 in LHC, on the first day, I was very nervous and had butterflies in my stomach. I settled myself in a good corner bench and introduced myself to the boy sitting next to me. The classroom atmosphere seemed very different from that of school , but was great fun, on the whole. Then came my first shock when the maths professor informed us that we would be having bridge course for Assessment -1 . As already stated , I had no practice of class 11 maths and I hadn’t even opened those books during my school days .I felt out of place when class began to buzz with class 11 mathematics formulas. But I took the help of my friends and toiled day and night and finally managed to score decent marks in the exam .
Then there was another nightmare in the form of Engineering Graphics where I couldn’t understand head and tail from the beginning . We used to discuss that subject in groups , using hands for representing rotation and alignment of objects and it used to look like we were dancing , when seen from a distance. Once a professor took it for dance and then we had to give an explanation.

Though the portions and syllabus is quite stressful and tiring, one cannot miss to describe the fun we have at campus, right from eating idli and dosa served at the canteen – the only place I head to after a stressful class.
Then, who can forget the planes standing, holding the pride of MIT, which I bet no one would have missed posing for a photograph.
The Golden Jubilee Park is one of my favourite hangouts , where we sit in groups and entertain ourselves with endless gossiping or write record notes to be submitted that afternoon in a great hurry.
No student can forget the Hangar II- the examination hall . The anxiety and nervousness on the faces of all students combined with sweat as we enter the hall , prior to the start of the exam .
I visit the MIT library quite many times when I find leisure or when I come late to college and have to wait till the next class begins.
I cant miss out on the fun I have at OAT during several cultural fests like MITAFEST and SIVARANJANI.
Not to be left behind are the several technical fests held at our college from time to time.


MIT stands tall holding all our sweet memories and in fact, has become my second home. I really feel sad when I step out of the campus at the end of the day waiting for my train at the Chrompet Railway station.

By S. Raghul

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