The taste of India!

By S. Supraja

A hectic week ends only to start a new one. Despite the grey mood this time that the semester paints, there are always small things which make your day.Like finishing the crossword, the rain, a daily dose of Calvin and Hobbes(Thanks to The Hindu MetroPlus) and  yes, AMUL Ads.

Positioned on the top right corner of The Hindu, these ads are hard to miss. With a splash of colour and a dash of humor,it bleeds ingenuity. They capture the essence of the day aptly through word play and colorful images, their product hogging the limelight all the while. You just can’t help marveling at them.

From sports

10X20 Taaja Maal  msd




To movies

2 states





To trending news






you name it, they have it. Most of their ads voice serious concerns of the society. Like

10X20 Taaja Maal






This is what Amul tastes like, on paper. Satirical and critical.

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By S. Supraja

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