A Drop of Universe

By Niveditha Rao 

A drop of universe
In the Sky 
In the end, oh
Where will I lie?

Will I be the first
To quench the thirst
Of withered plants 
And the parched earth?

Or will I be the first
To inform surly adults
That a cloud just burst
To get them drenched?

Will I be the first to fall
On a dusty glass pane
Joined by my brethren
In a race to the end?

Or will I be the first to fall
On a schoolgirl’s waiting palm
Wake her from the drudgery
Of a day dry and dreary?

Will I splatter on a poet’s arm
And into their waiting mind
Where beauty and words they bind
With love into rhythm and rhyme?

Or shall I splatter on a balcony grille
Onto a rain-lover’s cheek
Gifting them a second
So cherished and sweet?

I may be the First or the Last 
Loved till the end or forgotten with the past
But I am a drop of Universe 
From the vast sky
Does it matter really, where I lie?


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